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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Me and my appliances are on the injured list

My husband gave me a cold for my birthday.
He also gave me a purse: my new this-better-last-at-least-ten-years purse (I usually buy cheap throw-away bags, but I got sick of straps fraying and zippers breaking and asked for the Fossil Sidney shopper, which seems like a nice, sturdy, classic, casual bag for not too exorbitant a price).
Going to work with everything I own in this bag

And then the very next day he brought me these lovely flowers, for no reason at all, except he said he appreciated me! He's such a sweetheart.

I haven't been running, because I'm sick. So much for that. My appliances took the cue and decided they'd all be sick, too.
My coffee pot timer stopped working, and we replaced it, bravely choosing a new coffee pot (I'm a picky coffee drinker). Consumer Reports' second-best choice is only $32, a Mr. Coffee BVMCSJX33GT, but it makes a pretty nice strong cup. And of course I sold the old one for $10 on Craigslist, with full disclosure of its timer flaw (everything else worked). So if you are looking for a good coffee pot without spending $100, check out the Mr. Coffee laskdjflasdjflskdjf (I couldn't type that model number again, geez).
The same weekend, my washer died. Our washer predates our marriage, since I wouldn't marry David until he bought a washer, but it's only 7 years old, so this surprised me. It stopped spinning or draining and probably the clutch is out. I can't believe it's mechanically failing at only 7 years old, given our light usage, but at least David's cousin is a GE repairman and can come fix it soon.

Today I have a big meeting with some big bosses. I almost had to attend with no coffee, and I AM attending wearing the dregs of my wardrobe. Luckily I still had a semi-professional dress in the closet. Good thing I wasn't reduced to rewearing the dirties, right?


  1. Man! I can't live without my morning coffee unless I want my head to feel like someone is sawing through it with a butter knife! We got a new washer recently...its way too fancy for what I need..plays a little song when it is ready. At first I kept thinking it was the ice cream man and wondering why the heck the ice cream man was out at such a late hour and all the freaking time too! Then I realized it was the washer. Don't get one that plays music. Kind of weird. I love your purse! And especially the flowers. Fresh flowers are a staple in my house! They make me happy. Hope you made it to your meeting and nailed it!

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry about the cold. So much for flu vaccinations.

    I've had funny luck with our appliances. Something tastes amiss in our fancy coffee maker - the pot is stainless steel, I feel like that has something to do with it. Our rice cooker went on the fritz less than a year after we got it - fortunately the warranty was still valid so they replaced it with an even bigger, better, fancier Japanese model that sings to you when the rice is done (!!!).

  3. At the risk of sounding like my grandparents... they just don't make appliances like they used to. In the first year that I owned my Samsung washer, it had to be worked on 3 separate times. The last time it was supposed to be a major motor overhaul, and after me raising hell and showing my ass a little bit they just gave me a new washer.

  4. Do you like coffee made with a French Press? It sounds like a pain in the ass to make, but it's pretty simple. Boil water, grind beans, let steep...

    I broke my French Press last year and we are using a cheap regular drip (no timer).

    My washer and dryer bit the big one in the last eighteen months. I feel your pain.

    Sweet purse!!

  5. I thought for a moment that your coffee pot was made somewhere in Scandinavia - until I read about not wanting to type in the model number.
    Seven years is definitely not long enough for a washing machine.

  6. ugh--nothing worse than having the washer on the fritz. Well, except maybe the coffee pot! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  7. What a sweet husband you have! Well, except for the cold. Bad form there, David.

    We've reached that point where things in our house have started to fall apart. In the last 1.5 years, we've replaced our washer, dryer, water heater, garbage disposal, and seems like one other thing that I don't remember. As long as the dominos fall slowly I should be ok.

  8. The week our baby was born… AC malfunctioned and flooded out the side of our house, 3 of 4 stovetop burners quit, and now the dishwasher won't drain. HEY! LOL. When it rains, it pours, I suppose… New coffee pot sounds exciting, though. I' so excited to be able to have more caffeine now; so a new pot would also excite me!

  9. Oooh, I love your new bag! I need something like that so will have to check that brand out. That is a bummer about being sick and having your appliances crap out on you, though!

  10. Must be a washing machine conspiracy. I noticed metal shavings inside mine last weekend when I emptied the load. The last time that happened, it was time for a new one. Good luck on the repairs!