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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting to know you

My niece got to meet her baby brother for the first time yesterday. She was staying with family while the baby was born, and picked up a cold, so her first meeting was delayed so she wouldn't get the baby sick.

I don't think she knows quite what to make of the situation yet.
Also, I am dying they are so cute.

A couple of other life updates over here...
- I am sick. I got a cold last week, and it's still lingering. Being sick certainly aided the "slow running progression" thing.
- I am exhausted. On Monday both of my techs called in. One had to take her child to the doctor; the other got a flat tire and, while she waited for roadside assistance, a bird pooped on her shoulder. Rough Monday. Add to that 9 conference calls (two at 8 am, and I open at 9, ugh), two flu shot clinics with 200 shots apiece, training two new people, and a few work emergencies, and I am tired out!
- I am fat. Slowly getting back into running = less activity than before, if you can believe it, and it's not helping the weight gain thing.
- I am slow. Running is hard. It still hurts later in the day sometimes. I have ups and downs, great days and terrible days. But it's hard and I'm slow.

And sort of off-topic, I bought some more Coeur shorts because I really liked the ones they sent me. Let me tell you, this is how marketing works! Let someone try something, and get them hooked! I got these:

And another pair of the Fleet Foxes design, because I am enamored of the little foxes. So now I have two of the exact same shorts. I'm pretty boring.
I must confess that one of the reason I like these is the stretch in the fabric, so I can wear them while I (hopefully) get back into shape!
Have you made any new run purchases lately? Anything fun I should know about?


  1. No new run purchases.

    But he's my fun tidbit for the week: I just registered for a 12-hour adventure race on November 1, which makes my November now look like this:

    1st 12 hour adventure race
    9th 30K trail race
    15th 8 hour adventure race

    Pretty sweet taper, huh? ;-)

  2. I've been rehabbing my stiff ankle and swimming a lot, so I hear ya. Feel better soon! (Isn't a bird pooping on you supposed to be good luck? Maybe for the bird. Bullseye!)

    Your niece and nephew are so cute. I cannot wait for my niece to arrive in October. Just one month now...

    I'm also pretty boring and don't buy anything except shoes, shorts, and sports bras. I have more race shirts than I want! But we're moving from Singapore to Boston in January (brrrrr...) so 1) have put the kibosh on buying anything new that I'll have to ship over and 2) am going to have to figure out the whole winter-running-garb thing again. In NH I used to do it in polypro long underwear with shorts over, a long-sleeved shirt and a wind jacket + gloves and hat...but I reckon technology has progressed somewhat since 2004.

  3. I'm pretty sure that your 'fat' is someone else's dream weight. And I'm pretty sure that those shorts would look awesome on me ;-)

  4. I hope you get too fat for your shorts so you can send them to me ;)
    Wait. I'm sitting here getting fat too. That won't work.

  5. Awe, sweet little babies!!! I love kids!!! Yeah, I'll bet you're a regular Fat Albert right now (you're probably too young to get that reference)

  6. I haven't made a new running purchase lately, but I was doing some cleaning and I was going through some shoeboxes from my running shoes...since they made good little storage devices. One of them had a new pair of shoes in them! Didn't realize I still had shoes? haha.