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Monday, August 25, 2014

Yes, things are actually looking up. And cross training.

I don't think it's a fluke. My hip is feeling better. I might be imagining it, but the clicking and annoying slipping in and out of the joint (not dislocation, just subluxation) seem to have decreased. The pain is still there, but it's less noticeable. Stupid mistakes, like catching my foot under a creeping vine, result in an "Ouch!" and a wince, not day-long shooting pains. My hip flexor is still killing me, but somehow it seems less distracting, and I get the impression that my femoral head is finally healing, losing that hypersensitivity. So, hurray!

Meanwhile, I'm just cross training. Sort of. I have to admit, I haven't done much. For one thing, I had a lot of restrictions early on. For another, I've been trying hard not to overdo it, and for that reason, I've been hesitant to do very much.
Since I have PT two days a week, I only have five days with time to exercise at all. I've been dividing my time amongst the four options open to me:
1. Pool jogging. I have gone several times, since I was allowed to start as soon as I was off crutches. It's fine, but I never feel like I get a good workout. Plus the last time I went, I was leaning against the edge of the pool stretching before I started, and my eye was an inch from a crack. There were two little twitching hairs sticking out of it...until I realized they were the tips of the antennas of a giant palmetto bug. Haven't been back...coincidence???
2. Elliptical. I was allowed to start the elliptical a few weeks ago. I've been....once. Yikes. I just don't love the elliptical! I get bored, and I don't like watching TV (unless it's a sports game I'm interesting in). I don't mind reading when I exercise, but while I can read on a stationary bike, I can't on the elliptical. The movement is too up and down.
3. Biking. I could ride the stationary bike very early on, I think even the first week. I couldn't add resistance until week 8, though, so it was a little pointless. Once I got cleared to ride a real bike, though, I started doing that most mornings. I enjoy getting outside for a little while, and I really missed Audubon Park. I'm lucky to have a bike lane to the park and safe biking in the park, even exiting the park up onto the levee for two miles (there is construction blocking the rest of the path on the levee, or I could go all the way to Baton Rouge. As it is now, I can do four mile loops a few times!).
4. Weights and strength training. I should be doing this anyway, right? I've been doing weights or strength of some sort about once a week. I usually do one or two core routines, plus some upper body stuff.

Besides that, I also do some home PT at least once a day. I try for twice, but I can't always fit it in. Overall, while I have definitely lost a lot of fitness and I'm sure all of my endurance, I still feel pretty strong. My muscles didn't atrophy as much as I expected, and now that I have more options open, I should be able to get back in shape with time.


  1. That a girl, you're turning into a regular CrossFitter, knew you'd come around

  2. I am glad that you are starting to feel a difference! That is great! I struggled to really focus on cross training when I was cleared to start doing some once my foot healed because I also was so restricted on what I could do. Once I was able to take spin classes then I felt like my cross training was effective but I wasn't great at doing it on my own. And that palmetto story? Gross!!

  3. That's such good news. All that pain and rehab will be worth it in the end.

  4. Great news!! Sounds like you're doing lots right so keep on keepin' on! can't wait to see you feeling 100%!

  5. Oh but palmetto bug is a much prettier name for them than cockroach... I mean, good to hear you're feeling better!!