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Friday, August 15, 2014

Five things Friday

Whatever, I'm tired this week.
1. Sunday night I went grocery shopping and filled up the fridge and freezer with milk, whole chickens, shark (it was on sale, woot!), and various dairy products. On Monday morning the refrigerator died. Love how that happens.
2. I have a new pharmacist at work. This is the NINTH pharmacist I've had in three years and a couple of months. Am I hard to work for?
3. Apparently Robin Williams was closer to some of my friends than their family members. I have really never seen anything like the outpouring online and in person for this man!
4. Ever since my scrape with Steven Johnson's Syndrome, I get red, raw patches on my fingertips whenever I fill prescriptions for Bactrim DS. I guess some powder from the drug puffs upward as I count and settles on my hands, and apparently I have quite the reaction to it now! Work hazards. Too bad I fill prescriptions for Bactrim about 20 times a day.
5. I hired a new bedside delivery tech a few weeks ago (yeah...see #2) and she says, "Ta-ta!" whenever she leaves the pharmacy. Now I find myself saying, "Ta-ta!"


  1. The Robin Williams situation reminds me of Michael Jackson's death in many ways. It was so unexpected and he was certainly not old. I wonder if he had any idea how much his work touched people he'd never met.

  2. 1. Shark???
    2. Undoubtedly you're a tyrant
    3. I'm always confused as to how people can show more compassion and sadness for a celebrity they don't know, than they would someone on their own block
    4. I touched poison ivy once and got a red raw patch
    5. Try to get her to say Toot-a-loo, it's good luck

  3. Not sure that I totally understood the outpouring of Robin Williams support last week either. Yes, he was a great actor, but like Jim said above - he is a celebrity. Unless someone met him personally. I mainly thought about the tremendous pain that he must have been in to do what he did. This doesn't seem to be as talked about in the media it seems like.

  4. I have never tried shark... not sure I ever would. I'm not a huge fan of seafood.

    I have only been at my firm a few years, and there have already been a half dozen (or more) support staff changes.