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Monday, August 11, 2014

A look at some Couer clothes...

Remember that time when I said I was going to be a Coeur Sports ambassador? Of course you do! Because all you've seen since then is me winning races in Coeur gear, swiping up age group prizes in Coeur kits, and finishing 20 milers with nary a Gu chafe thanks to ample pockets in Coeur clothes.
Or you would. If I hadn't torn my hip labrum and had surgery. And the part about winning races. I made that up to spice things up a little.

Anyway, I actually received my Coeur kit right before going in for surgery and was thrilled to try it out, except that apparently I can't figure out my sizes at all and had to send everything back. Now, as it turns out, Couer was adjusting some sizes based on feedback, and I missed that memo. So with the adjusted sizes, my advice is - it runs true to size. But since I realized that too late, I sent everything back for the right size (FYI they have a very comprehensive returns policy).

And then I haven't worn anything, because I haven't been doing much more than sitting on the floor flexing my quads (that was actually my first PT assignment). But I took some pictures, so let's do a little look-through:
Shorts and top in "Fleet Foxes" design and bra in "Chinese New Year"

There are two pockets in the back on the shorts. The fabric of the shorts is kind of hard to describe - more stretch than most running shorts; kind of like bike shorts material but lighter. 

The back of the top has a reflective logo for safety.... Oh, and "fleet foxes" isn't just a pattern name - it's made up of little foxes!


There it is, right in the middle, almost unnoticeable (very smoothly inserted). So useful for gels and keys. Love this feature. More reflective logos on the bra, too. I love this pattern, not only because it is NOT NEON (I am so sick of neon), but because it's great for modesty. No see-through in this fully lined, patterned top! 

And I got this soft and comfy sleeveless shirt for post-race changes! 
Now, I would love to review the gear, but I can't. Haven't used it, woe is me. But I'm saving it for my first runs back after this surgery to give me something special to look forward to! But until then, do check the site out: this is actually a company that respects athletes, supports charity partners, asks for feedback, has a good blog, and makes clothes in the USA.


  1. A pocket in the bra...(happy sigh). Those are super cute. Hopefully recovery continues to go well and you'll soon be giving us wear reports.

  2. I was sold on the bra pocket. I am also eyeing their tri-shorts with the seductive one-piece chamois. (Good lord, why do tri clothes have to be so expensive?) Looking forward to your recovery first and then the gear reviews!

    1. I've heard good things about this one-piece-chamois wonder but don't bike enough to have it! But I love the marketing slogan... you should look it up :)

    2. I do like the sound of the Coeur ethos! But I feel like I don't deserve new gear yet - let me train my way to an AG top-ten finish (ahem, very small field...) and then I'll reward myself :)

  3. They're really cute. Especially the red top. If only I had the abs for it.

  4. Well, those cute little things (and they are cute!) will be there eagerly waiting your running return soon! :)