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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What-I-Have Wednesdays

A new series, also known as self-diagnosis Wednesdays!
Today's installment features paranoid schizophrenia osteoid osteoma.

I have concluded that I have an osteoid osteoma. Why?
1. My xray looks like the one above, except my thighs are marginally less chubby.
2. There has to be a reason I've had this stupid bone injury for so long.
3. This type of benign bone tumor is most often found on tibia and femur.
4. Bone doesn't just not heal. It heals itself. If this was a stress fracture I should be better by now!
5. The symptoms (pain at night, walk with a limp, relieved by NSAIDS) fit mine.

Reasons why I should stop Googling and keep doing PT:
1. The condition generally affects children and adolescents.
2. It is also more common in males, meaning I'm not really the type.
3. I ran a lot, and then I had femur pain. Sounds stress fracture-y to me.
4. I'm not a doctor or a radiologist.

Whatcha think, guys?


  1. Dr. Internet is always interesting--we can turn up all kinds of things. It never hurts to bring it up to the human doctor, though!

  2. Usually i would agree that real vs internet doctors are better. And it does sound very stress fracture-ey to me. I think the thing that stood out to me, reading about SFx and reactions, is that it takes a long time of complete rest or absolutely no weight-bearing exercise, for it to heal. Run on it once, during that 6 weeks (or however long) and it can set back the recovery completely.

    That being said, it has been going on such a long time, and you have had so many different opinions about it. Sometimes, unless a doctor is really well versed in running injuries, you can probably get a better diagnosis using your own research. I think your own research probably points to a persistent SFx, that admittedly is taking forever to heal,... as an aside, my bone injury also responded to NSAIDs, which I didn't expect either....

  3. I don't know anything, but I do love Dr. Google when I have a problem too.

  4. I've got my GMD, too! (google medical degree (-: )

    I've most recently diagnosed myself with iliopsoas tendinosis.
    It's kind of fun trying to figure it least it keeps boredom at bay :P