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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm totally sedentary

Something not-wonderful happened last week. I was discharged from physical therapy. Not because I completed the strengthening - because the PT thought it was too risky.
(History: still have unhealed stress fracture? Reaction? Lump? On my left femur from 11 months ago)
I have yet to notice any improvement in my pain, unfortunately, and my PT is worried about damaging the bone further, so home I went.
This means I'm now totally sedentary. Yep! No exercise at all!
Last year, I was doing 40 or 45 mpw running and obviously not enough strength training (if any). Then, bit by bit, I've been reduced to....
- pool running
- elliptical
- spin bike
- regular bike
- pilates
- yoga
- physical therapy

But every level hurt. So I have kept backing up. Now, my only exercise is standing and walking at work.

So what's that mean for me? Well, I gained weight (right away!), then I lost my appetite (hopefully this will help balance the weight gain, although it will be hard to keep weight in check with almost no activity at all). It also means I'm oddly tired, bored, and fidgety. I need some kind of activity!
Back to the doctor on Wednesday to see what creative thing we can try next to heal this bone. Until then, total rest for me.


  1. Just came across your post while surfing around the internet. Have you thought about getting in some upper body and core workouts while you sit through the injury .. Just to keep the blood pumping, and a little bit adrenaline going .. I can totally understand the pain of getting sidelined with an injury. It takes matters out of your hands and turns it into a sit and wait game.

    I have been sidelined with ITBand, and PT has recently okay'd to start upping the mileage and see how it goes ..

  2. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis :( I have become more sedentary since my recent running injury, so I understand the frustrations with weight gain, fidgetiness and overall irritation. Hopefully you'll be on a solid treatment plan soon!

  3. Ugh, so sorry. I know how you feel. I gained about 5-6 pounds in just three weeks of complete rest. But to plug the total rest thing; I think it is really the best thing you can do for the injury. I too had to back off everything including pool running. Even stretching the wrong way hurt my hip! Its a horrible feeling, doing nothing, when you're so used to being active. But as Kristen reminded me "make every rest day count!" If you're resting, you're healing, and thats another day closer to running. I cant remember... did you end up getting an MRI? They're what get you the most accurate diagnoses of bone stuff...

  4. Oh yeah, and the rest did help my hunger. After a couple of weeks of completely no activity it went waaaaaay down. For the first time in YEARS food didn't seem that appetizing. So strange!

  5. try to start some weightlifting--women can benefit from heavy lifting and you might like it. It is fun to see shoulder muscles come from nothing (my experience!)

  6. I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how tough this is--I know how crazy I would go in that situation. Just keep knocking on doors--there has to be an answer for you.

  7. That would be really tough to take. I think I would lose my mind, plus I would probably just keep running like a dummy. At least you're being wise about it. Please get well soon.

  8. Oh man, that sucks. I feel your pain. I basically did no physical activity for about 2.5 months this summer while I was dealing my stress fracture and joint pain. It drove me crazy. I gained weight initially but really focused on my eating and lost the weight I gained luckily. I hope this sedentary phase is not very long for you!

  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry. Not being able to move is so, so frustrating.

    To take your mind off the situation could you paint, sew, sketch , or read? (But don't read anything about running!) Here are some books I've liked recently: In Other Rooms, Other Wonders' by Daniyal Mueenuddin (short stories by a Pakistani-American author), 'Astray' by Emma Donoghue (short stories), Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (fantasy - with dragons!), and 'Permanent Present Tense' by Suzanne Corkin (the real-life story of a man who couldn't form new memories). And about sports. 'The Sports Gene' by David Epstein :)

    - Grace

  10. I'm so sorry, Grace...what a pain...literally. After my surgery in June, it hurt to walk, much less run or exercise in any shape or fashion. There were days when I just wanted to scream. As hard as it is though, just stay off of it. I tried to go back too soon a couple of times before my hardhead would accept that total rest meant total rest, and that I could make my situation worse if I didn't follow instructions. Hang in there :)

  11. Ughhh. I know there is nothing I can say that will make this any easier for you. I remember what it was like going through my stress fracture and I hate that you've had to deal with this for MUCH too long! Rest up and know that your body is healing. You will get past this. Hugs!!

  12. So sorry to hear this.....Not being able to do *anything* is the worst. Hoping you get at least some better news on Wednesday. :(