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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Costume party!

This year, David and I went as a silent film.

His card: "It was quite easy. A little arsenic in her coffee."
My card: "I had to murder him. You see, he never bought me any jewels."

We stole this idea from a couple on the Google. It was super easy - perfect for a work-night party. We covered our skin in a white and gray grease paint blend, and I did my eyebrows and lips with black lipstick (both my eyebrows and my lips are big, so I covered them in white, then penciled brows in and did cupid's bow lips). David's mustache is black lipstick, too.

We both have dark hair already; David slicked his down and I pinned mine under like a bob and threw on a lace headband. We already owned the clothes: David wore his tux; I wore a black drop-waist dress with gray tights and black mary jane heels. The necklace is Mardi Gras beads.

We printed up dialog cards and we were done! It took less than half an hour to get ready!