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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A wormy homecoming

David and I returned from vacation to a perfectly revolting homecoming. Our flight arrived at midnight, and I groped my way into the kitchen and pulled on the light. Horrors! The room filled with fluttering moths - 15 or 20 - and several fat, disgusting larvae crawled sluggishly up the walls. I opened the kitchen cabinet and saw tell-tale webby tangles in the corner. Infested! Two weeks before we left I'd purchased a large bag of organic pinto beans. It was clearly the culprit, as it was full of moths, larvae, and nests. Some other food was slightly affected as well, but it didn't matter to me if it was as clean as a whistle. Everything into an outdoor trash! 
Then I spent today scrubbing, bleaching, and applying vinegar. Now we have nothing to eat, but I'm scared to store anything in the kitchen! 
I've never had actual moths and certainly never larvae in the kitchen, but I remember my all-organic mom throwing our oatmeal, beans, and flour into the freezer when she first brought it home. I usually do the same with any organic food I purchase, but I forgot to do so with the beans. Now we're paying for it big time. 
And now, some unrelated phone pictures before I get myself together enough to download real photos:
California scenery is so dramatic! 

Lunch at a vineyard

Taken from the window of a moving car

It was harvest

Sun in our eyes, mountains behind us


  1. Your vacation looks amazing! I have always wanted to go on a vineyard trip!

    And I cannot imagine coming home to what you faced... I would have to move out. I am AWFUL with insects of any kind.

  2. You are not alone! I had a moth infestation in my NY apartment when I first moved in. I threw out everything suspicious, then I stored anything new I purchased in the freezer (flour, pasta, and grains were my main worries). I did that for months until I was certain my apartment was no longer supporting any unauthorized creatures.

  3. horrific moth story aside, YOU WERE IN CA AND I DIDN'T MAKE YOU MEET ME? So much regret. It looks like you were in wine country bay area too. Hope it was lovely!

  4. Holy mess. I would've had a heart attack for sure. Ugh, what a disaster! However, your trip pics look amazing. I love vineyards! A really neat marathon that runs through the vineyards of NY is Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY. It's also cool b/c you can visit the museum/factory/store where they make Corning Ware and lots of other very beautiful blown glass for cheap.

  5. Ick. What a nasty Welcome Home!

    On the plus side, the vacation looks awesome. Looove me some Northern California!! :)