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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A happy birthday

I had a happy birthday this weekend for several reasons.

Reason #1: Successful alteration of a gray blazer I got at the Salvation Army for $3.99. It's very well-made (tag says "Silence and Noise", a brand I've never heard of, but it's obviously quality tailoring) but that made it very tough to alter. It was a little too large, but I managed a pretty decent job taking in the princess seams.
Um, can't see the seams, but anyway, looks professionally done, I promise.

Reason #2: Saints pulled off a win - despite playing like losers. Who dat!

Reason#3: Thoughtful in-laws. I have been looking for attractive glass bowls that can function for storage, microwave, or serving, and my sister in law found the perfect set. These little details just make life so much better.
Salad in a multi-functional and pretty bowl

Reason #4: My birthday was also my older brother's wife's due date. No baby yet, but I found out that her middle name will be Grace!

Reason#5: We celebrated with the cocktail of all cocktails: Coquette's off-menu Gold Rush. I had this jalapeƱo cocktail several years ago, and have ordered it off-menu since. But recently they stopped making it because they ran out of a key ingredient. I have been trying to get the recipe from the bar staff ever since and finally, last month, I sweet-talked a waiter into sharing it. One of my birthday presents was the requisite alcohol, which involved a trip to four liquor stores. It did not disappoint: the cocktail was prefect, just like I remembered it.
My husband took this picture of the booze in question. I actually really like this picture. 

Reason #6: We are now on vacation! Hopefully we're enjoying a much-needed break right this minute.


  1. Sounds perfect for a birthday! Happy, happy one and enjoy the vacation!

  2. Yea! Happy belated birthday!! Lots of reasons to celebrate. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I know you have been so swamped at work so I am happy to hear that you are on vacation!!

  4. Sounds like a good birthday indeed! Enjoy vacation!