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Friday, August 23, 2013

This is why I have a blog

Why? So I can rant to a small audience about my annoying siblings.

Whenever one of my brothers gets into trouble (it happens at least once a year; remember, there are nine of them), I realize that I am the lone voice of reason in our chaotic family. It's a stressful role, people. Very stressful.

The currently-offending brother is king of bad choices. Now, I'm not talking crime or addiction or bad with the connotation of evil. I mean that he makes choices that obviously hurt himself: almost always financial, with the occasional personal/relational Titanic of a choice (like breaking up with someone via note left in a public place, for example).

As the brothers grow up, it gets harder and harder to be the voice of reason, because they no longer have to obey me or get walloped (well, ok, they were getting too big to wallop safely a couple of decades ago...). Now, I can only give strong suggestions, and seethe as they are ignored.

This one? He doesn't like advice. And his advice shunning has directly led to a situation in which he owes
$3000 in short term loans. 

Yes. Seriously. Goodbye, credit score. Hello, debtors' prison.
Grrr. Now I must excuse myself to go bang my head on a wall.

*edit* - Um, I don't have nine brothers. That would be insane! I have 7. And a sister. Nine kids total. Sorry I forgot how to count.


  1. Ah, siblings! They can be SO frustrating! Good luck with yours.

  2. You have 9 brothers??
    Wow! I'm just surprised I don't hear you complaining more often!

  3. Ugh. No. I can't count. There are 7 boys; 9 kids altogether.

  4. I just went through the same thing with my son last year. Senior ... "Don't EVVVVVVVER get a loan from one of those payday or title loan places" Junior ... got one for a measly $800 and ended up paying something like $2800 before he touched any of his principle. Those places should flat out be illegal because they prey on stupid people. I fell ya.

  5. oh my gosh had no idea you are 1 of 9. holy cow.

  6. grrrr. Wow, I always forget that you are one of 9...such an interesting story you have...Loved hearing about your family in Boston. Sorry about your little bro stress. Frustrating!! Glad you have a place to vent!

  7. Oof. Well if you are one of nine I totally understand that you might lose track of a sibling or two here and there. Sorry yours are being frustrating; at least you can vent here. Do you also feel you have to help bail them out? Can you explain the consequences and say you won't bail them out BEFORE they do stupid things?
    - Grace

  8. Yeah, sometimes banging your head on the wall is the only thing that you can really do that is effective. I feel like all you can do is throw the advice out there and see if it sticks. They all have to learn for themselves sometimes... My brother did the same thing; he took out a stupid loan with a really high interest rate, and then decided to go to Australia on, not the best move financially! But he's okay now!

  9. Ahhhh this reminds me of my family...I have just one brother and he is an economist so no financial issues there but my mom is one of 16 and I am one of 56 grand kids. So the drama is never ending. Sometimes it is funny and other times not so much.... :)