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Friday, August 9, 2013

Not much to say...

Three lanes narrowing to one leads to 20 minutes of delays
Gosh, kids, really sorry I have nothing of interest to say. The last few weeks I...
- Took some time off running after my spate of races, just to make sure things weren't going wrong in my leg
- Traveled some, and skipped running due to packing and time restrictions
- Took a long weekend staycation for out anniversary (We like to do it big. August restaurant for dinner and a weekend at the Loewe's hotel downtown!). No running because that's not romantic.
- Late Mondays nights at work thanks to poor discharge planning at the hospital lead to skipped track workouts 3 weeks in a row
- Missed the last track meet and the last free summer 2-miler for the year, thanks to schedule conflicts
- Terrible construction, meetings, and other obligations had me leaving for work an hour to 30 minutes early for about ten days, which meant a short core workout or dumbbell routine subbed for running.
- And then it has been miserably hot.

So. Basically I haven't been running worth a darn in a month. I went out today, barely fitting 3 miles in before work, and it left me sore and uncomfortable! I actually still notice a nagging pain in my left leg: it feels like a tight hamstring perhaps? Better not be a stress fracture lurking, waiting to happen. I'll be furious. I have realized this year that I (and probably all runners) am much more fragile than I'd like to believe. It's up to me to make sure I minimize injury by strengthening and staying flexible.

I'm a little nervous that I felt some pain today, but I will watch that and make sure it's just out-of-shapeness, before progressing to getting a better base in advance of the fall races. Can't wait for some fast running in cooler weather!


  1. I hope your hamstring feels recovered. And as for the weather--- I second that! SO ready for better running temps!

  2. Well, at least the blog gave you something to do during the traffic jam :)
    During most of my run this morning (hello 80 deg. and 90% humidity at 7am) I imagined what it will be like to run in December I can sleep in till 8 or 9 and still be able to run without breaking a sweat!
    yeah... that whole visualization thing didn't help one bit!

  3. Eh, you'll be back at it soon. It's important to have breaks from time to time. Personally, I think that even breaks I haven't necessarily planned on help me avoid burning out.

  4. I hope the pain isn't anything major and just soreness from getting back out there. It's so frustrating. It'll come...patience is a toughie, isn't it?!?!