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Friday, August 16, 2013

Embroidered throw pillow covers

Around about 5 years of marriage, all your lovely wedding gifts start to deteriorate. And since (as an astute reader might have noticed) we just celebrated our 6th anniversary, that means I only waited a year to cover my dilapidated living room throw pillows with new covers.
I sewed them out of tea-dyed linen and free-hand embroidered them in brick red.

I actually have a third pillow to finish, but I can't think of which building or tower to embroider. Suggestions?


  1. I'm so impressed..I have no skills like that! Trying to think of a good match for those. Hmmm..I'll have to get back to you while I contemplate!

  2. How about the Chrysler Building, Empire State... or the Sydney Opera House? I love these pillows!! ~ Penny

  3. wow those are cool! I feel like none of the iconic buildings in the US fit with those 2... hmmmm.

  4. The Tower Bridge in London. That way tower is still in the name.

    Very cool pillow covers.

  5. Girl, you are hard core! Lovely. :)

  6. I like you Gracie. You're full of so many different interesting, intelligent, creative, talented person. ;) And you'd go to bookstores and libraries with me if we ever were to hang out in real life. :) Love your pillows!

    1. I would spend all day in a library with you :)

  7. How about the Arc de Triomphe?

    The pillows are beautiful!