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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What makes the Boston marathon special?

It's that time again - Boston time! Last year I was all caught up in the excitement, at least until I slammed my knee into the ground. Or at least until I read the weather report.
This year, no Boston for me. But I want to share some of the things that make the whole experience special.

In bullet points...thoughts on Boston.
- You are running with people who want to be there so much. They want this race to be successful; they want to enjoy it. They want to talk to you and tell you their story.
- Heartbreak Hill is not that bad. It just isn't. It's not a steep grade and you can easily run the entire thing, probably not even slowing significantly, even on tired legs.
- The Boston course isn't an easy course, but don't be scared of it. I'm not a hills runner, but it didn't bother me (keep in mind that I was running it slower than usual, though, so I could be full of crap). It's a net downhill course. Gravity is on your side.
- The Newton hills: actually easier than the proceeding downhill section, in my opinion. They give your body a break.
- The average BMI on our flight into Boston was about 19.
- I never saw so much compression gear in my life as I did on Sunday. The whole city was ready for this race!
- I was surprised at how many non-qualified locals run the race. It must be a huge charity resource for the area!
- The BAA has it together. I don't know how they manage an event this large so smoothly. Oh yeah, they're Yankees. That explains everything!
- I didn't buy the jacket. I love the tradition of it, but $100 for a wind breaker? Geez louise.
- If you write your name on your arms/bib/shirt, get ready to hear it a lot. And remember that your clever shirt or hat may be less fun if you hit the wall and end up walking.
- Basically it is acceptable to wear your medal for the entire day, even after changing clothes.
- For many people, this is one of the highlights of their life. For that reason, if no other, respect the race. Respect the history. Respect the honor of running where the best of the best have raced!


  1. LOL- - The average BMI on our flight into Boston was about 19.

    Funniest thing I've heard about Boston EVER!

  2. It's been two years since I ran Boston and it's still my favorite race ever by far. I had to work really hard just to qualify so the whole day felt like a celebration of sorts and a reward for hard work. To date, it's the only marathon that I've ran every single step, even through the water stops - didn't stop once. And I agree, for the volume of people, it was amazingly well organized. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the coupon tip about the Nasonex; I actually saw that coupon when I got home from the pharmacy online when I was Googling why Nasonex was so pricy. I have new insurance this year and all prescriptions are paid through a flex-type spending so I pay full price for it. I was on Flonase but it was giving me nose bleeds - it was only $15. So she switched me and I had no earthy idea it'd be so expensive. Anyway, way more information that you cared to know :). Thanks, though. If I have to get more, I'll use the coupon!

    I loved Boston. Ran it twice, the last in 2010 being on my birthday so it holds a special place in my heart. Never bought the jacket either...still paying for the hotel :).

  4. Props to anyone that qualifies, much less runs it- the Olympics for regular joes.