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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wearing yellow

Saturday I dragged my sick husband out to go clothes shopping. We were shopping for him, since his clothes supply has been dwindling, and I thought a comforting occupation for someone with a sore throat and headache would be shoving through back-to-school crowds in clothing stores.
Now of course I had to buy myself some clothes, too. I saw this chartreuse T-shirt on clearance (for $3.49 after 30% off clearance price!) and loved the bright color.

I wore it to church like this, with a black and white scarf and nude pumps:
Trying to show you my bun

Then I dressed it down with flip flops:

And I wanted to mention that I know it's sort of against style rules to wear yellow by your face, but I love yellow. I think it actually can be worn well by some people, as long as:
- You have pink color in your lips and cheeks. The yellow actually sets the pink off well.
- You follow warm-cool rules - wear cool yellows if you have a cool complexion; warm if you're warm complected.
- You have contrast with your hair. Sorry, I don't like yellow on blondes. It washes their hair out.

Don't mind the phone in the picture or the fact that I'm staring intently into the corner

This very oddly-taken picture was supposed to demonstrate the effects of yellow on skin tone, but instead it made me look a little alien. What I meant to show, though, is that yellow does reflect on the skin, but mostly just under the chin. So as long as you choose a flattering yellow, it shouldn't make you appear jaundiced.

Do you wear yellow? And what's the last item of clothing you bought?


  1. I agree with the blond= no yellow rule for the most part. (It doesn't work with my sallow skin tone anyway, so it's beyond me anyway.)
    I think that the exception is neon yellow, which I love to work out it- and it somehow looks fine with my hair and skin tone.
    I love a good mustard yellow for fall but it doesn't love me back!

  2. I wear everything and don't really go by the rules. I generally stick to reds and blues and blacks, but sometimes it's yellow or orange and sallow skin be damned. I have a light yellow scoop neck shirt that I love!

  3. I don't own anything yellow but that doesn't mean I have anything against it, just haven't found the right yellow for me.

    I think the last item of clothing (besides running clothes) that I bought was a pair of tan capris from a garage sale. Exciting, right?

    You're gorgeous, btw.

  4. I *do* wear yellow. Cute outfit!

  5. Duuude… I had no idea you were such a fashionista! I am such a fashion disaster :P

    The last clothing item I bought for myself was, oddly, a neon yellow t-shirt on sale for about $4. Yours looks better on you :)

  6. Husband is sick and you drag him clothes shopping? You are The Punisher!

  7. I actually do have a yellow-green top that I wear to run in. I don't know that it particularly flatters me, but that's ok when I'm running. Last item of clothing I bought? If you don't count running shoes or the tall socks I bought before my last race, I think that would be a couple fantastic pairs of pants I found super cheap at New York & Co's Christmas sale last year. Sad...I need to go shopping more!

  8. OK< you lost me a bit on the color discussion...very interested if you ever put a workshop on:) You look beautiful!

  9. I LOVE the color yellow. I just bought a mustard cardigan that I plan to pair with a black and white pencil skirt that I recently bought. I do better with warmer tones of yellow than the bright chartreuse color family. But I love seeing other in yellow. I think it's a fun pop of color!

  10. Love the top. Lucky find!
    I wearing a yellow cardigan right now. I wear black almost every day. I need color to brighten it up, otherwise people would think me morbid!

  11. Looks great on you! And you're right, no yellow on blondes...I'm a blonde and I look like death when I wear yellow.

  12. I am blonde but am afraid of wearing yellow. I bought a bright (not neon, maybe it's called canary?) yellow top and every time I wear it I get A LOT of compliments. Maybe it's because I wear it in the summer and if I am tan it looks okay, but since I get so many compliments I guess that color is okay. I'm still not sure. I recently bought a yellow running top for visibility and because it is cute and because I don't feel like I need a "good" color on me while running. But I haven't got it yet, so maybe I won't like it.

  13. I am blonde so no yellow for me. because it is true it does not look good.... i also use to think the same for orange but I recently received an orange t shirt and it is not bad..I think!!! last thing I running exciting right?!

  14. I'm wearing yellow today as well. I often think it's not for me, but I think it can work, as you say with the right accessories, hair color and other pieces of clothing.