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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday miles

Today I turn 30, so it was fitting to run 30 miles this morning!
Longest run in my still kind of new Mizuno Mushas

But I didn't. I ran twelvish. You know, 0.412 miles per year like the old tradition. Darn this injury.
On the way home I ran into David, walking back from the Maple Street Patisserie with a bag of almond croissants for a birthday breakfast! Almond croissants and my favorite coffee were perfect this morning.

Getting back into running is humbling. I'm still feeling pain, and in fact it's really unchanged, but I'm starting to just ignore it. That's what I did all last year and frankly I was better off then. The more time I take off, the more pain I feel when I do run!
But besides the pain, I am woefully out of shape. I've gained some weight - maybe 4 or 5 pounds? I don't know, I don't have a scale, but I can feel some more heft - and it definitely makes running more of a challenge (when you basically can't do any activity with your lower body for 3 or 4 months, it does encourage some weight gain, sadly). Carrying extra weight is hard. I nitpick about 7 versus 8 ounce shoes but I don't mind lugging around ten times that much on my thighs! Silly. This just reminds me to stay fit and stop eating almond croissants.

But it isn't just extra weight. I've lost speed and skill. I'm about where I was a year and a half ago for medium-long runs: doing ten milers in around 7:40 pace. This feels very off for me, since all last fall and winter my long runs were around 7:30 and my mid-distance generally under 7:20s. I joined the Varsity group for a Thursday night run and - I hate to be the b*tch comparing herself to other girls, but - ladies I'm usually far ahead of easily kept pace with me. I'm just trying to approach this with sense and humility and slowly build speed back.

Hope everyone got a great run in this morning. I'm finishing my coffee while debating with the husband whether to go to a baby shower or a child's birthday party this afternoon. Both sound about as fun as a hemlock latte. Have a great weekend!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have loved my 30s and know they will be a great decade for you as well.

    Returning from an injury IS humbling. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make you all better as a birthday gift to you.

    I am being humbled by my inability to run to do this respiratory infection I have. I am praying it is not pneumonia. :( They took x-rays yesterday and I will find out on Monday. What a crock of sh*t. I take such good care of my body, and this is how I am thanked!!

  2. brilliant-a birthday run of 30 miles is a bit crazy-12 ish is fab enough!
    happy happy birthday!

  3. Happy happy birthday!!! I am so frustrated for you that the pain hasn't gotten better with all the rest. That said, I am confident you will get your speed and endurance back quickly and it doesn't sound like you are too far off of where you were. I hope you get to celebrate this weekend do something FUN. I say skip the shower, kid party, and the hemlock latte and do something you want to for your birthday. :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    It won't be long and you'll be back to your pre-injury self, but I hope that the pain goes away as you regain speed.

    You are presented with a perfect chance to barely go to either event, since you are "double booked" :)

  5. Happy Birthday! You are a spring chicken! 30? Ahhh...30s are great!!!
    Such a bummer with your injury bc it is not a simple ITB, even SF, discrete diagnoses. Grr! I know that Megg from Mother agains the marathon has a chronic injury (SI joint) that is always there but comes back stronger once in a while. Would be nice to know what exactly is going on.

    In terms of your speed, I wouldn't worry about it. It comes back fast. Yes, v frustrating at the beginning, but I've been through this twice this year (boo) and came back faster each time!

  6. Well first off- Happy Birthday! I love birthday runs! It's like your birthday present to yourself that the upcoming year is going to be a good one. At least that's what I tell myself year after year...

    You are so right about coming back from an injury. It stinks. It is frustrating to think about where you were xx number of weeks/ months ago. Ughhh. Been there. Coming back is extremely humbling. But hang in there. It WILL get easier and you WILL get it back. :-)

  7. Bonne Fete Grace!!!! happy birthday to you!! 30 that is so young!!! I met my husband when I was 30...! I know how you feel about the is the same for me..numbers for pace are not the same but same frustrations...I have now decided to put "my first marathon plans" on hold...

  8. Happy 3-0! Not tempted to stay 29 from now on? I am... Lol

  9. Happy late birthday! Mine was Friday, so next year I should be better at remembering yours now :)

    I want to run my age too but for the past 3-4 yrs there keep being things keeping me from doing it. Soon it will just be too far to physically do haha.

  10. Happy Birthday! I am glad that you ran your age times .4217. I hear that's all the rage these days. Almond croissants sound delicious! I love a good bear claw! And I say Hemlock Latte over either one of those parties!