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Monday, September 3, 2012

Alive. Hot. Sweaty.

Stinky fridge. Water-stained bedroom. Mildew on the walls. Mold on the toilet seat. But our power is finally back on!


  1. Yuck! I am glad the power is back! Good luck with the other stuff...

  2. Yea for power. Boo for the rest. Well, except for the alive part. Yea for that, too.

  3. The alive is the best one....I mean come on...SK

    Power! glad you have that back... the rest well it just sucks...but hey you are ALIVE!

    put on some happy music and some rubber gloves!!

  4. So glad you are ok!!! So sorry about the ick. I wish I could come over and help you clean it all up. Hugs!

  5. you're always welcome to move this way... :)

    good luck de-grossing the house. glad you guys are ok!