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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Window treatments

So what the heck do I do with these windows?

These nasty mini blinds have been here since David was in law school and I was underage (don't worry, we weren't dating then). I am over them. But I'm weirdly scared of window treatments. The choices overwhelm me. What should I put here?

And then I'll come back tomorrow and talk about crappy races. I took a rest day yesterday and have nothing else to talk about.


  1. I really like nice wooden (or white painted wooden) blinds. I'm also a big fan of sheers in windows that don't offer a view to your neighbors. I'm kind of over big heavy curtains.

  2. Wooden blinds for me
    or fabric blinds, I have them in my room I love them..they came from Home Depot...going on 12 years still looking good. They are dark blue

  3. I love stuff like this -

    Rustic looking, and makes the room super dark and private if you need it.

    ... says the girl with plastic blinds that came with the house. :)

    1. I like those, but maybe in linen rather than a wood. I don't want to add another wood finish to that room since we already have several mismatched bits of furniture etc.

  4. I like roman shades because they are kind of like a blind but add color/pattern to the room.

  5. You seem really down Gracie, but while the race might seem crappy now you are still improving just off consistency. Put it in the bank and chalk it down to experience. I know nothing about shades so won't make any comments on that :-)

  6. i didn't know blinds were a window treatment. i put up the faux wood blinds a few years ago, but haven't done any curtains yet. the above commenters make me feel like this is OK! i was thinking i was ghetto for not having any curtains up... curtains intimidate me. so many choices... and i don't want to spend a lot.

  7. I like the wooden venetian blinds, but in one of my houses I had these great Bamboo ones... I would like those again.