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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RnR New Orleans 2012: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:
- I PR'd with a 3:06:12
- I was 9th female, breaking the top ten in a largish race (this got me in the paper this morning which pretty much made my life. I live a very unexciting life.)
- I won 2nd in my age group
- Not one single female passed me in the last ten miles, and I passed two

The bad:
- I missed my goal of 3:05
- I felt like death for the last TEN miles
- I squandered my "last good marathon chance" this season

The ugly:
My form. My form is ugly. Seriously what the heck am I doing bending at the waist. I look like I'm about to sit down. I wish this was just an awkward fleeting second caught on camera, but nooo, David took about 10 of these and in all of them I'm totally crunched up. 
- This was my most poorly-run race ever: I don't know what got into me, but I ran it totally wrong. I could have had so much better of a race (maybe not any faster, but at least not utterly miserable) if I had started slower and saved some energy for the windy and boring 8-mile section on the lakefront. This was a big disappointment but I am definitely going to try to learn from it.
Agonizing real recap later.


  1. Ok, you probably don't want to hear this but I just have to say it- DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!! We learn from every race we run and who knows- your next marathon might be perfect thanks to this one! Taking 3 minutes off of your PR is HUGE and who knows- you might have felt like death the last 10 miles anyway. (Does anyone really feel good in the last few miles?) All that being said, I know that sometimes even when we do PR it can be frustrating when we know we didn't run a smart race. The good thing is that you KNOW you are capable of more and you learned a little bit more about what to do next time. I am POSITIVE that you will hit your sub 3:05 next time and I see a sub 3 hour on the horizon in your future as well. You are a very talented and gifted runner and smart racing is an art. It really is. You learn from experience. You will have your perfect race. In the meantime enjoy that PR and try not to be too hard on yourself. :-)

    1. ^^This!^^

      You are immensely talented. Wow! Remind me again, you do this on 45-50 mpw? WOW AGAIN!

      Next race is always right around the corner. For now, celebrate!

  2. its a bummer to look back on a race and be like, i did this wrong, could have done this, should have paced that, etc and etc.
    but a PR is a PR. and your name in the paper?! i would buy at least 25 copies and frame at least 12. hello, christmas presents for the whole family!

  3. You ran a PR! CONGRATS!!!
    You continue to impress me with your talent and drive. Nice work, Gracie. :)

    3:06 marathon?


  5. PR and your name in the newspaper. I know it wasn't your ideal race, but you did great lady!! Go relax - you deserve it.

  6. Just consider it a "PR the hard way". Sounds like you've already learned a lot from it. Killer finish time - you deserved to make the paper for that result.

  7. if this is your most poorly run race than I'd say YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! you did great and YAY for being in the paper :)

  8. Sorry it was such a rough day--I hate knowing I could have done better but blew it by executing incorrectly. However--holy smokes your time rocks! Congrats on that!

  9. I know you're disappointed because you didn't run the race you wanted to, but you ROCK! Seriously, name in the paper? Congratulations!

  10. 3:06 is kinda the same thing as 3:05 ... They are both awesome times! That's the difference of one water stop. As far as I'm concerned, you met your goal and are a sick fast runner. Glad to find you!

  11. Thanks so much, 3:06 is absolutely awesome! Thanks for clearing it up about the park, I wasn't paying attention. Should have looked a the map.

    If your goal was 3:05, I would say you had a successful day. I was almost 4 minutes from my goal time, but its a marathon... anything can happen. Good job on the impressive run, look to follow you in your quest for sub-3! - M

  12. I'm jealous. Congrats on the PR and newspaper announcement! Be sure to clip it and frame it :) I get excited about dorky stuff like that too.

  13. Well done! Even if you feel you did not run your best race, you placed and PR'd, despite being sick. So cut yourself some slack, lady!

  14. That's amazing! Just think how well you will perform when you feel like you ran the perfect race... I would love to see you run a sub 3!!

  15. You are insane! And there is no bad with that race, only good! And your form looks fine by me, you are leaning slightly forward, likely midfoot striking I'm assuming.

    I guess when you get to be as fast as you the expectations for yourself go up, but I only see good in this race, no negatives!

  16. Okay, I can see how you can think of it as a bad race EXPERIENCE but certainly nothing bad about that TIME!!! Getting faster isn't supposed to feel good right? You've got another fast one in you real soon. Um, in say 6 weeks? ;)

  17. I know that I"m horribly late on this, but this is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! Such a great accomplishment to crack the top 10. GREAT work!

  18. 13 seconds away from a 3:05:xx is pretty freakin' close! But I understand that sort of disappointment all too well. Congrats on the PR, though! And sounds like you finished strong despite feeling like death. Looking forward to the recap :)

  19. 3:06?!!!! Holy crap girl! you are amazing! send me your secrets!!!!!

    great job!
    for tips on how to run boston....check out the article I jsut posted on my facebook page:

    it is a step by step strategy I found very helpful and goes right along with what my coach has been telling me!!