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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to do for Publix?

The Publix marathon is this Sunday. It will be very hilly ( =Grace sucks) and apparently very warm.
In fact, the directors sent out a warning, along with this lovely little system:

Course Flag Warning System

Colored flags will be located at each mile marker along the course to advise runners of any weather or course related problems. Please pay close attention to the following flags on race day.
GREEN FLAG: Proceed as normal.

YELLOW FLAG: CAUTION - Slow down, use caution and drink plenty of water.

RED FLAG: EXTREME CAUTION - Slow down, use extreme caution and drink plenty of water due to dangerous weather conditions. Timing of the event has stopped and no awards will be issued.

BLACK FLAG: STOP - Seek shelter immediately in the event of a weather emergency. The race has been cancelled due to exteme conditions or course emergency such as lightning, tornado, or human disaster.
I don't get that. Slow down? SLOW DOWN? It's a race. We aren't doing this for fun. Sheesh.
I have Boston in about a month so this could be good hills practice, but I don't want to totally trash my legs and miss tons of time. So should I:
1. Ignore my good sense and go for the win? (my husband's suggestion...obviously he doesn't know that real live fast people show up and run this race)
2. Run at my regular long run pace and get in a good long run with hills practice?
3. Volunteer at the pacer booth and pace a group significantly slower than my typical race? This would be a nice thing to do while still getting practice in.
WWYD? That is, what would you do?
P.S. I cannot believe I'm doing another 26.2 this weekend. Totally feels like I just ran one.


  1. I pick #3 - if you do this you will not be tempted to run faster, all the while doing a great service! And if they already have enough pacers, go with #2. I think you're too close to Boston to go all out. Get some good hill training and take it easy - save your best for Boston!

  2. I pick #2 or #3. My reason is because I fall apart in the heat and so when I run a hot race and I'm trying to PR, I end up being disappointed, whereas when I run a hot race just for fun, I end up having fun and happy with the result. But I also agree with Di Tri-ing's point as well. Good luck whatever you choose!

  3. I'd say 2 or 3. But #3 would be a good back is always nice. AND you'd be getting in a good long run. #2 could be good too...You could always use it is a progression...finish the last 10@marathon pace and start slow. But you're so funny about the real live fast people showing up. Um, you know you're one of those people silly. I wouldn't race it...not if you want to really save yourself for Boston.

  4. I'd go with pacing a group. Gets your miles in and gets you charged up from all the first-time runners or folks super-focused on a new PR.

  5. #3 then #2. Especially if it is going to be "dangerous" hot, you don't want to push yourself too hard on an already challenging course. Best of luck to you!

  6. I'd go with #2, or #3. But, I'm having a hard time envisioning a hot race at the moment, because I'm packing gloves & a hat for my race on Sunday, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask. ;-)

    Most importantly, good luck, have fun, stay hydrated & be safe!!!

  7. I would say #2 or #3, in fact probably #3, since as a couple other people said, then you won't "accidentally" go too fast.

    Have fun, slow down and drink plenty of water!! ;)

  8. i say 2 or 3, but i feel like you will end up doing #1... :) be safe out there!

  9. tough decision....would be hard to, not go after a potential win, but in doing so, even though you are really strong, you will be sacrificing your Boston race. BUT, that may not be a bad thing. You could race this weekend, and then go and tempo/run Boston. enjoy the Boston experience, if that is something you "can" do. ??

    If Boston is the goal, I would not race in the heat. For me, the heat and humidity take an extra toll. Just this wk I had a 15 miler in the afternoon (warm). I ran 40 seconds slower per mile, than the previous 15 miler, but the hot, slower 15 miler left me exhausted.

    Good Luck and safe travels