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Monday, January 9, 2012

Picnic in the park and stupid taper

I just wanted to highlight a moment of my weekend. It wasn't the moment in which I called Sean Payton names for running the ball so much in the first half (Dude, we are a PASSING TEAM, we have Drew! Quit running Ivory!). Nor was it the moment in which I humiliated my brother in public in order to confiscate his lighter. As you know, lighters are the only source of fire, so this means he will not smoke a cancer stick now, because he cannot light it. I'm having brother troubles lately, can you tell? I mean, with seven of them, one of them is always having drama. This particular brother (it's Abe, like I just said, I don't mind humiliating him in public) is especially trying lately. 

But back to my moment. It was a lovely picnic in Audubon park with my hubby. We had tortellini salad, satsumas, and toffee, and we played football until it started to rain. Perfect Saturday afternoon!
You're welcome. I know you want this as your wallpaper. 

Next Sunday is a marathon, and this time I am tapering - also known as pulling out all the stops on lazy. Really, I am just being a sloth. During the last week I start to question everything: What should I be eating? Is it going to be shorts weather? What should my goal time be? (Seriously, I change this a hundred times, landing on a number seconds before the gun. I am nuts.) Is it ok to do speedwork this week? Should I pop this blister on my foot, or leave it?
And then stupid stuff always happens when I taper. Always! Last year I had to work a 9-hour day the day before the RnR Mardi Gras marathon, and one of my techs was an hour late. Then we were insanely busy and I didn't get to eat or even drink water all day!
This week it's starting already. I have not gotten over my Christmas cold yet - it keeps lingering - and today the sore throat returned!*
Does taper drive you crazy? What the worst thing that's happened to  you before a race? (As for right before a race, nothing beats this marathon!).
Do your siblings also drive you crazy?
*What? You think it's related to the Saints game? Nonsense. I shouted quietly. 


  1. I don't really bother with a taper.

  2. My parents used to smoke ages ago, and I would go to where they 'hid' them, break them in half, and put the carton back :) I would also leave matches in a cup of water so they couldn't use them, or find lighters and dispose of them when I knew I was leaving the house.

  3. I tapered for about a week or so before the Rehoboth marathon, which seems to work out just great. If I had tapered for too much longer than that, I would have gone crazy. I did lots of research on tapers and everyone said something different about it.

    But basically I just see it as a great excuse to be lazy!

  4. That sounds like a lovely afternoon!

    I had taper crazies big time after my first marathon training cycle. Was tired, starving, getting twinges all over.

    Can't believe you're doing ANOTHER marathon this weekend. Whoa!

  5. lol on that pic!

    And the Saints seemed fine by me to run the ball on Saturday, the Lions were just getting rocked by the run! I can't wait for Saturday, Saints vs 49ers! Saints offense vs 49ers defense! It will be hard to stop the Saints, but right now I'm saying 23-20 49ers, haha Hope its a good game!

    Can't believe you are running another marathon, have fun!

  6. i do not like tapering at all. drives me crazy.

  7. I do taper, but now, I taper less than I did in the past. Everyone is a little different, but I can't do the 3 wk taper thing without "losing my edge" Good Luck! Anxious to read your race report. I will be in Houston with friends, watching the Olympic trials.

  8. I HATE taper but I do it anyways. I even just wrote a blog post about taper madness. :)

  9. I tapered but didn't like it. I always felt like I should be doing SOMETHING! You should be an expert by now! Do you always taper?

  10. Tapering sounds like a great excuse to be lazy...and it sounds like you need some downtime, too!

    I would totally do the same to my brother. I mean, what's a little public humiliation compared to cancer? :)