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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Packing lunch

At my house we pack lunch to save money. True story: when David and I first got married, he wanted to replace his old television with a new, flat screen model. I made him put $5 in a jar for every day he brought his lunch until he could afford it. And just for the record he cheated and bought it two weeks early.
I eat a lot.
Between running for exercise and running around at work all day, I get hungry. Plus I just like to eat. Good thing I own a carry-on sized lunch bag.
Here's what I'm bringing today:
I read the paper on an operating table every day. Hey, my hubby already owned this steel table when  we got married and I'm too cheap to replace it. 

Lasagna for lunch (a mediocre recipe, sigh) with a big salad. I pack those lettuce leaves in there! And I only drizzle dressing in a corner so the whole thing doesn't get soggy.
Yogurt for mid-morning snack. This is uncharacteristic of me. I don't like yogurt, after being force-fed the homemade variety every morning for 12+ years, and Greek yogurt is crazy pricey. But I bought this when it was $0.50 a cup on sale.
Grapefruit for an afternoon snack. Can't wait to eat that juicy thing! Grapefruit are my favorite fruit!
Peanut butter cups for the hours between 4 and 6 when I wonder why I chose my profession.

What did you pack for lunch today?


  1. On top of being expensive, I get really tired of restaurant type meals, even when it's sandwiches/salads/etc...they get so heavy. I tend to have yogurt every day for lunch, plus fruit, some pretzels or popcorn and whatever else I can find!

  2. Sounds like a yummy lunch!!

  3. I'm home with the kids so sometimes I don't eat as well as I would if I were packing my lunch for work. I need to be better at that and not just grazing on things. Grapefruit is so good for you. Not really my fav but it is worth eating from time to time. oh, and I eat a ton if I think about it and take time to eat.

  4. The upside of packing is that the odds are good you'll eat healthier too. Love that TV story! Something I would do, too.

  5. Love grapefruit as well!!! and oddly agree with you onthe yogurt stuff...I have tried all of them, and just NONE are not a bit bitter.

  6. I wish I liked grapefruit. But I don't :( I LOVE THE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS THOUGH!!! When I had a regular job, I think I brought my lunch 99% of the time. It is a lot cheaper, but I too, eat lots.

  7. My bf made me lunch today - I am so spoiled. It was delish - Pasta w a lemon & herb sauce.

  8. I love to read about all of your money saving ideas. My shop is across the driveway from my house, so I eat lunch at home most often and it's typically a spinach salad with Dove dark chocolate promises for dessert.

    You're sure to be a millionaire one day, if your not already. lol :)

  9. I'm crazy cheap too! I remember your post about being cheap! I usually make a big pan or pot of lasagne, chili, chicken, soup or something like that and then take it and some fruit and carrots and hummus for lunch. I love your $5 idea! My boyfriend spends money like its going out of style!

  10. I usually eat out about once a week, and then pack my lunch the other 4 days. Which I think is pretty good - especially compared to most in my office who eat out EVERY SINGLE DAY! I do what Kyria does - make huge meals and have leftovers for a week. I am not as good at planning afternoon snacks, though... but I usually bring an apple for the morning!