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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent running toys and tries

Some recent running goodies I've been enjoying...
- Rice. Plain white rice with salt for long runs. It's pretty good fuel and kind of yummy.
But I'm better with butter.
- Socks with heel tabs. I'm not sure why it took me several years to accidentally buy socks with heel tabs and eliminate the raw spot on the back of my heel.
noooo, my socks are not Ralph Lauren!
- New Kinvaras, on sale for $45 - yes, that's over my budget of $39 per pair, but I pay extra for highlighter orange clothes.
Men's sizes, of course. I have big feet. 
- Varsity Sports Monday Speedwork. I recently started to attend speed sessions with Varsity Sports on Mondays. For someone who never did speedwork before, it's a big change - I was surprised at how LONG  the workouts are! They are generally 8 to 10 miles plus warm up, with every third week being "easy" (more like 5 or 6 miles). I've gone for four sessions, but the first was just a time trial. Will the speed help my races? We'll find out! More on this later.
- Hungry mornings. Another new try is skipping food even before long runs. I have really been struggling with balancing nutrition and stomach cramping during long runs, and my latest try is no food at all. It's tough for a slow long run, but for my PR half marathon it worked well. My former PR (from last December) was also on an empty stomach.

What have YOU been trying lately?


  1. mostly just trying running. LOL one mile at a time these days.

  2. Those shoes look great! I need to try a pair of Kinavara's on!

  3. heel tab! *doh!*

    i also try and skip big meals before a long run. i'll make sure to eat a lot of what i need the day prior, and have more of a snack the morning of. probably not what the rest of the world does, but it works.

  4. Love the shoes! I'm pretty much one foot in front of the other with a bunch more speed work right now while I train for a marathon.

  5. Right now...I'm trying not to go crazy WITHOUT running! I have some foot pain post-marathon so I'm staying off it and it's making me stir crazy. I love plain white rice, and eat it all the time.

  6. Yes, speed work will MOST definitely help you. (I would say be careful....going from zero speed work to 8-10 miles with speed is a HUGE jump)

    if we are at any races coming up, remind me to give you some socks. I sell DryMax with a tab that are PERFECT for me. (everyone likes something different, but I want you to try these)I can also put a pair in the mail to you if you want....

    I'm the opposite, I MUST fuel for all of my runs. There is absolutely no way, I can run a PR on empty. Here is a blog you may be interested in reading. She talked about this yesterday. (I'm a big fan of Nancy Clark)

    Everyone is different.... Who can argue with a PR at your speed?

  7. I have a few socks with heel tabs on the back. I learned my lesson after running without them for Crescent City Classic this year. I need to get more! Mine are not RL either!
    I like the bright shoes. I usually get the $39 pair from Shoe Dept or Academy. That was before I bought the ones from Varisty Sports back in March. When the baby comes I will be on the lookout for some new ones.

  8. Hey, highlighter orange is cool!

    Associate, UGS Toys

  9. ok, first, I missed the post about the dress. You are so feakin talented, not to mention how good you look in the dress. Nice!

    Check out these links. I think you may like the "Running" socks.
    (I wear these when it's really cold)
    These are thick, but may be too hot in New Orleans?????

    The Run Lite Mesh are a little thinner. These are my favorites. I prefer these in the summer/fall/spring.

    if interested in more info e me at alwaysinstitches at yahoo dot com