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Friday, November 25, 2011

My race schedule, revisited

Original race schedule for Fall/Winter 2011:
Clarence Demar Marathon
Gulf Coast Half
Middendorf's Manchac ten miler
Gulf Coast marathon
Baton Rouge Beach marathon
Ol' man River half
The Louisiana Marathon
The Wall 30k

I have to scratch Baton Rouge beach because the hubby has an event the same day. This is too bad, because I have heard that this is a good race.
It looks like we have to scratch Ol' Man River, too, because we MAY have plans and I'd hate to register and waste the money if I can't go.
And I'm questioning The Wall, because now that we have two running clubs in NOLA, there are other races that might not suck as much.

Boo. So much for Fall and Winter racing.
Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of running?


  1. wanted to wish you luck with the training run at Gulf Coast. If you were slower, or I was faster, I would join you for half of it. I always enjoy this race, but this year I won't make it. Bummer! yes, I do hate when life gets in the way of my running......

    have fun!

  2. If you have plans you don't want to miss those. That's exciting about the race clubs, like you said there should be some good races open up!!!