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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Why, what's this?

It's a shoe box full of awesomeness for some 10-14 year old boy in a poverty-stricken nation!
Every year we try to put together a shoe box of gifts for Operation Christmas Child, a mission that distributes the presents to needy kids overseas. Click the link for directions on packing the box and to find a drop off site near you.
It's fun to make the shopping trip a little holiday event, and we always wrap our box in Christmas paper.

We packed our box with:
Boring stuff: socks, a T-shirt, pens and paper
Toiletries: toothpaste and toothbrush, soap
Fun stuff: handheld games, glo-sticks, silly putty, a baseball, crayons, a 500-piece puzzle, etc
Edibles: Candy and trail mix

Most box drop off deadlines are this weekend or the next, so get shopping!


  1. i didn't know about this. this is a fantastic idea! thanks!!!

  2. Operation Christmas Child is a great project! I did this all the time as a kid with my church but haven't done it lately. I should change that!

  3. Wow, that is a really good idea. I had not heard of this either. What a great way to give back!!

  4. Nice!

    I may end up running something at Stennis, but not sure. I have 13 easy on the schedule so I could go and NOT race, or I could go and race the 5k. (I like Stennis and it's hard for me to let the weekend go by without being there)

    One other option.... if the weather is PERFECT, I may end up racing the full at Stennis. I would hate to let a perfect weather day go by.
    ...but I hope to RACE @ Baton Rouge because I haven't been to that one before. If you are bored Sat. Dec 3rd, how about taking a ride to Baton Rouge and meet me at mile 18 to pace me the rest of the way...???? you can get in an easy run that day

    what do you have on the race schedule??

  5. over here you see a lot of "angel trees". those annoy me because the kids always write like "ps3" or some other $$$ gift. mmmkay. i'm already paying for everything else you do via welfare, i'm not dropping $300 on you.

    but OCC, i think those go to foreign countries right? haven't done that in a few years but we used to...