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Monday, January 10, 2011

Soccer mom

I gave up on trying to rotate this picture. 

I always feel like a soccer mom in capris. Something about that temperature-conscious mid-calf cut makes me think of moms at Starbucks after yoga class, SUVs, and kids who go to fancy daycare.
We didn't go to fancy daycare. We got locked out of the house to commit murder and mayhem on each other in our fenced back yard for hours at a time while, presumably, my mother attempted to recover her sanity. It can't be easy having nine kids.
For some reason, when I put capris on, I feel all good-@ss. That is a term I invented to be the opposite of bad-@ss, because I can't think how else to describe it. I'm not going to push the pace in capris. The only thing I'm pushing is pedals. Haha, pun, they used to call capris pedal-pushers!
Shorts mean I'm running fast enough to get hot and sweaty.
Tights mean I'm tough enough to be out running even though it's freezing cold.
Capris mean I'm more worried about my bodily comfort and how my thighs look than a PR. And let me tell you, if I always put thigh appearance before speed, I'd still be walking.

Am I nuts for thinking this? Do you workout in capris, and if they feel wimpy to you? This question is for ladies. If you are a guy and you workout in capris, PLEASE send me a picture so I can mock you. 

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