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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Garmin: Keep it or return it?

(A sequel to the Ipod: keep it or return it? post in which I debated returning another of hubby's thoughtful gifts. I returned it.)

For Christmas this year David bought me a Garmin. I've never used one before, and I am not sure I should keep it. I'm afraid it will take the fun out of running. I like seeing improvement, but sometimes I just want to RUN. Tonight after work I just put on my shoes and went out for a run. I didn't bring a watch; I didn't bring an ipod. Sometimes I go running just  because I like running. I'm worried that if I start using a Garmin I'll obsess over every second and start thinking about my pace all the time instead of having fun. Then again, since I admit I'm bad at pacing myself, maybe I need it.

Do you have Garmin experience? Did having a Garmin change how you run?
What do you think?
Keep the Garmin?
Return the Garmin and buy $150 worth of gummy bears instead?


  1. Gracie....I think you should keep it. I have one and it is my favorite thing. If you want to go out and run, then you don't wear it, but when you are training or keeping track it is great. I look at my splits, elevation (i don't think you have that as much in NOLA) etc...What a great gift!

  2. KEEP IT!

    OK, I get your point about not enjoying obsession over your pace/distance but I'm not exaggerating when I say my Garmin changed my life! No more mapping out runs beforehand hoping I'd hit the right distance and no more worrying about getting lost on long runs if I decide to take a random detour.

    I still head out WITHOUT it sometimes, which I think is important, it's nice to just RUN sometimes. But I still LOVE my Garmin!

  3. I love my Garmin. I also don't take it out for every run. When I care about my pace or doing an exact distance, I definitely take it, and when I want to create a new running route and need to figure out how far I've gone, I take it as well. Maybe if you say to yourself "I'll only use this on long runs" or visa versa you can avoid be really obsessive about it, but I think it's a really useful tool.

  4. I love mine - half the time I don't really pay attention to it, but it makes it so easy just to head out and run without having a plan as to where I'm going - only an approximate # of miles I want to cover.

  5. For me, my Garmin is an integral part of my training. I rely alot on Heart Rate and the Garmin really helps me run in the assigned HR Zones. Actually, I feel naked without my Garmin. They can be very useful.

    That being said, it depends on what you want out of running. If you simply want to run, then don't do it. You will get addicted. I think they are better for "training". Based on your results, doesn't seem like you really need it. You hit the genetic lottery.

    BTW, I tried to email you to continue our conversation, but just left you a comment on my Blog.

  6. Agreed, keep it. I use mine more on long runs to get a better idea of my pace and to verify distance. I don't always fully map out a route, I just kinda keep running where I feel like but at least I can keep tabs on how far I have run.

    I don't use it on every run, but it is nice to have that option. Plus its fun to download the info, see how my pace varies through out the run, what my heart rate is like, etc.

  7. Keep it! But only wear it once in a while. I had mine and didn't use it for almost a year--I was like you, I didn't want to become obsessive. But I love it now and I think you will too.

  8. I just recently started using a garmin and it has been a good thing for me. Too often I use to think I was going slower than usual or having an off run and then I would look at the Garmin and see I was on track and that would give me confidence to help me go even faster. I'm not obsessed with it. In fact I keep forgetting to turn it off after the run, or after a few miles into the run I'll remember that I forgot to start it. I think if you enjoy running it's not going to suddenly become an obsession but can be a good tool.

  9. I say KEEP IT!! I love, love, love my garmin. Some times I look at it, sometimes I don't. But the data you have access to is pretty cool - especially the splits. It's fun to plug it into my computer after a run and see the split break outs, etc. Def keep it!

  10. I'd keep it! I'm a watch wearer and really appreciate knowing my pace. Sometimes I'm annoyed when my Garmin won't sync to satellites, but I think it allows you not to have to do the guess work or math in your head so you always know what pace and distance you're at. I would like to get a new one...the 405 or the runner specific one.

  11. I'd keep it. I love mine. In the beginning, yeah, I was obsessed with it. It did help me trian and get faster, and now I wear it only to check the data AFTER I am done. Plus, I like the GPS live maps :D

  12. i love mine... i don't think i obsess too much over my stats, i just like recording them and looking back at them. i don't know if that classifies me as obsessed :)

    i would keep it. you could use it some days to practice pacing and ditch it other days when you want to run 'free'.

    or you could return it and go on a romantic weekend trip for a night or two :)


    thanks for your recent comments on my blog. google reader was slooow at adding you into my feed even though i became a 'follower' like a week ago! boo google.

    you asked about my vertigo (thanks for asking!) - i never did find out what was going on. i had 'general' blood work done and that was all normal, i was not pregnant, i had an mri done and went to an ent. nothing showed anything abnormal. my chiropractor thinks it was a subluxation / pinched nerve. the only meds i was prescribed was prescription dramamine although the ent wanted to put me on a water pill that is typically used for high BP. i passed on that one. the chiropractic adjustments seemed to help, plus my job got a lot less stressful and i chilled out on the running/working out so maybe a combo of all that just helped things straighten themselves back out over time. it is kind of annoying that i don't have a cut and dry "this is what happened" so that i know what to avoid... :-/