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Friday, November 5, 2010

What are you wearing this weekend?

Me? For once I'm not wearing spandex and a slightly stinky T. That's right, no race this weekend.
So instead I'm going to wear one of these cute outfits:
Old-fashioned twill house dress, paired with almond-toe pumps (or maryjanes if I feel like going all-out 1940's). This dress begs for pearls, and I might wear one of my regular strings of pearls, or this double coral strand I wore all summer. See those wrinkles? That's straight out of the dryer. If I tumble it for a minute they'll go away. Love it.
The dress was $10 at my local 5 and dime.

I also have this cozy sweater dress with my favorite cowl neckline. Unfortunately you probably can't see the neckline because it looks like I took this photo in a dungeon. It's short enough to need tights, and I'll probably wear these kind of cowboy suede boots. Yes, I'm mixing brown and black. I'm a big fan of mixing the two - it prevents a monochromatic nightmare (for some reason this only afflicts dark-haired people; blonds automatically have color relief. Brunettes? Watch the all-black or all-brown scenario!). I have stacks of gold-tone bangles and some pretty gold earrings. I got this dress at the same store, same price.
Because I'm cheap, people!
What are you wearing this weekend...and for what event? Do you dress up on weekends or schlep around the house in sweats and your oldest T-shirt?


  1. Fun! Cute outfits! I'm all about the bargains. Also loving sweater dresses right now!

    I'm swapping places with you and wearing the race attire (finally!) this weekend. Tonight though I'll dress it up a wee bit for dinner with the husband. Saturday is chores/errands and Sunday is a half marathon!

  2. I also do brown/black together. :) We are such rebels, aren't we? :)

    Today I am wearing a boring gray cardigan... Tomorrow I am going to wear a striped top and either skinny jeans + tall boots, or boot cut jeans with red flats. The striped top is the only thing that I see in my closet that feels 'French'... And I need to wear somethign sort of French'ish for Julia Child Night. I am really wishing I had a beret to throw on or something!

    Have a fab weekend! Love the outfits!

  3. I just can't do the brown and black together thing. (Or black and navy, for that matter.) I see it on other people and think it looks nice but I'm just too OCD to do it!
    Today I'm wearing jeans, a cute shirt and trench coat with black flats, and I'll be wearing variations of that all weekend.

  4. The dress rocks [top one esp]. Loving it.

    Love shopping at thrift stores. :)

  5. If I'm at home all day...sporty shlep...if I go out...bohemian chic :)