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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's catching!

I have succeeded in persuading not one, but TWO of my coworkers to run an upcoming half marathon with me. One started with a baseline of four miles. The other? Just one! That's as far as she could go comfortably. Her schedule is also complicated because she is in school and working, so time is limited. She can only run three days a week. I started her out with one mile as her long run and walk-run combos for the other two days. By now she's up to seven miles this weekend, but she skipped last week (I have already voiced my anger...). We'll see how she progresses!
My other coworker shouldn't have too much of a problem. She's run before as part of a boot-camp style workout; they incorporate running at least once a week. But this is only her second race and the first one was a slow trail 3 miler that she finished in over 45 minutes. So a half marathon is still a step up.
I made training schedules for both and now I get to harass them about it at work every single day!
We're a running pharmacy now!
Did you start running in order to complete a race? Or did you start racing 'cause you already ran? Or do you not run and wish I'd shut up about it?


  1. LOL! When I dated an ex he was a runner and I tried to run with him but this just aggravated and frustrated me and after we broke up I swore never again.
    Fast forward 2 years I needed to get a walk in but didn't have the time I needed so I decided to run walk it and realized I didn't hate it. So I got back out just to see how far I could go, I went a mile. I had a friend at the time who wanted to do a 4miler and so I agreed to do that with her. After my first Shamrock 4miler I was sooo hooked. I signed up for 5K's for the next couple months, then another 4miler then a 10K then a 15K then at the end of the 15K met my last ex boyfriend and ran the Miami 1/2 with him and then completed the ATL 13.1 as my own and after that realized I could handle Charlotte's 1/2 in December so that's my next one.

  2. I am all about training for races. I started running for the heck of it, but I kept running to run in races and then of course to get faster!

  3. Which half marathon?
    I ran cross country in high school but had never run more than 3 miles (and then only rarely) until I started training for the Crescent City Classic two years ago. During the entire process I swore I'd never run that far again- ever! Of course once I ran the race I was completely hooked and have been racing ever since! So I guess the moral of the story is never say never (and that running is addictive!).

  4. P.S. You made the Jazz Half Video- you're crossing the finish line at 6:57 in the video.

  5. YAY for co-workers. I love this. YAY for you!!

    I seriously started LD running because I got lost in a new neighborhood and figured out I had gone 8 miles without realizing it. nice. ;)

  6. I actually started running because of the blogging community! I started reading a lot of running blogs like Chic Runner and Runners Rambles and I thought "I want to be like them!" Lol!

  7. It was a natural progression for me to just turn to running some longer races because I was running so much. It was ultimately to say I had done one and then I got addicted. Way to go on getting your coworkers to run with you!

  8. i started running because my sisters did. ;)
    and now, i'm the only one of 6 who still does.


  9. That is awesome. No problem with continuing the run/walk approach through the whole training period and even the race itself.

  10. I always ran a little -- a couple miles here and there, but it took a friend convincing me to do the Mardi Gras Marathon for me to start running more. And then he flaked on me after about 2 weeks and I kept on and am GLAD of it! BUT...I have been slacking lately and need to get back into it! Urgh.

  11. I randomly started running because I wanted to be more in shape. Then I did a 5k. Then I did a 1/2 marathon adn while trainign for the 1/2 I thought, huh, I bet I could do a full. So I registered for a full. The rest is history!

    that is awesome that you inpired others to sign up for a 1/2!