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Monday, November 1, 2010

Jazz Half recap...and language learning!

Saturday I proved my insanity by running the Jazz Half marathon two days after a 20 miler. Oh, and I ran TO the race. Yeah. That was somewhere around 5.5 miles so I ran about 18.5 on Saturday. In costume. 
Race review: I really like the Jazz Half. It is a pretty course, flat (duh), lots of spectators, and since it is Halloween weekend some runners are in costume. The after party features excellent live music and the race benefits Children's Hospital. My only complaint is that the start is really crowded and slow for such a small race. It took me 2 minutes to get to the start and much of my first mile was walking/dodging. But that's really no big deal.
Race recap: Felt like crap the whole way. Super slow, upset tummy, exhausted. I think my muscles were fine; I was just actually tired! I hadn't gotten a full nights sleep all week and I woke up at 4:15 the morning of the race. I was hoping to go slow and have fun in costume, but I didn't have as much fun as I could have since I was trying not to throw up for 13 miles. Oh well, poor planning. I knew my time wouldn't be good (wasn't running for time), but I don't like running a marathon after a bad race. It'll make me nervous!
*** I take a break from scheduled blogging to report that my neighbors, who got in a street brawl with a passer-by yesterday who called the cops on them, are now in our shared alley barfing their brains out. I love my college neighborhood.***
So anyway (I am now typing as loudly as I can to block out the sounds of retching) I came to a decision on a language to learn: French it is! I picked French because I visited my brothers and stole a "French for Dummies" book they had. I'm using Rosetta Stone because it's free for my husband to use with his work, but I like to have a phrase book as back up. I've have learned exactly nothing yet, but you can expect posts to be in French in a few days. Ha! Not!
Off to work for me. How was everyone's Halloween?


  1. Sorry about the upset tummy during your race! You did great tacking on those extra 5.5 miles. You made a great pirate too! I wanted to do this race but I just had too much going on this weekend. I'm actually going to NOLA next weekend with some friends for a music filled weekend :)

  2. Your neighbors just get better and better!
    Sorry about your race tummy trouble! It was great to see your there and yours was definitely the best of the pirate costumes. :)

  3. Did you run in that costume?! It's on my life list to run a race in costume one day! So fun!

    Also? You're a running MACHINE!

  4. bummer about the tummy. :( Your costume rocks.

  5. Hooray for picking French. :) I am working on learning it by listening to 'drive time french'. It works so-so, but I learn enough to ask all of my questions in French so I guess that's decent!

    You are a racing MACHINE.

  6. Tres bien! Bummer about the race, but still pretty amazing how much you've been running.

  7. Girl, that is impressive! You have been racing a lot lately! I can't wait to get back to some higher mileage. just need to get healthy first.

  8. Yay French! Well better your neighbor barfing than you.... right?

  9. Wow! That is a lot of mileage. Sorry it was a rough race. I'm sure if you can handle that though you can handle the marathon. ;)

  10. OK, seriously, I'm impressed you even went to the race. Nice job. Barfing while running would have been all bad.

    Love your bio - sounds alot like mine. I call it "the scenic route". I guess we have to experience it all :)

  11. I'm sorry you didn't feel well :(
    that's really hard to run when your tummy is upset.

  12. French for Dummies! I gave that to my b/f when we started dating! He didn't try too hard so I'm not sure if it worked. Keep checking on my French lessons--they're cheaper than Rosetta Stone!