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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Complicated birthday party

Is there someone in your life who manages to take every situation overboard? Most of my friends agree that's me. No, just kidding. But I have a semi-relative (through layers of marriage) who turns every little get-together into an insane party. For example, if a group of people decide to play cards on Friday night, it turns into a giant game night with 50 guests. If we are planning to watch a movie together, she suggests a movie marathon in to the wee hours. In this instance, our laid-back birthday dinner we had planned for my mother in law has turned into an elaborate affair with - wait for it - four desserts. As if anyone needs more than one dessert, let alone four. Isn't that just the epitome of the fat American lifestyle?
FYI I got roped into bringing a soup and a salad. We are also having appetizers, main course, and side dishes. I already feel the need to have my stomach stapled.

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