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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's talk about LIPS

Let's hear some lip tips. Specifically...
1. You have thin lips. How do you amplify them? What look works best with narrow lips? Do you enjoy looks that fuller lips might have trouble pulling off?
Jessica Alba has full lips, and she usually wears a nude or warm rosy color. The image above is one of her darker lip colors.
2. You have big lips. Do you try to minimize them? How do you wear lipstick but avoid the clown look?
Kate Hudson, besides having a scary flat nose, has thinner lips and usually also wears pale tones. But that probably has more to do with her overall coloring.

So what's your lip look like? (hee hee) And what's your lipstick, lip gloss, or warm natural untouched beauty lip philosophy?


  1. If you have thin lips you can enhance them using soft eyeliner - 1 white and 1 black.

    Using the black eyeliner draw a thin line under the fattest part of your lower lip. Don't go right to the edges of your mouth, it should only be about 1.5cm in length. Smudge the colour until it appears as a shadow.

    Using the white eyeliner draw a thin line over your cupid's bow ( middle of the top lip). This should be slightly longer. It'll look like a milk moustache so you need to carefully smudge it so that it blends with your skin and appears as a highlight.

    Use a lip liner the same shade as your mouth over the whole area of your lips (staying within the lip line) and then apply a complmentary shade of lipstick and a slick of clear gloss onto the centre of your bottom and top lip for highlight.

    You can do this using any colour as it makes your mouth pop. Make sure you have nice clean teeth :-)

    If you're skin tone is dark or black then use lighter shades of brown instead of white on the top lip.

    LIP DO'S
    Always use lip liner to hold lip colour in place.
    Keep lips neutral or natural if going for dramatic eye make-up.
    Keep eyes subtle when wearing statement lip colour.
    Keep a pocket mirror with you to check for colour stains on your teeth.

    Never draw lip liner outside of your natural lip line.
    Don't over gloop your lips with cheap gloss - it sticks to everything.
    Don't leave home without clear gloss for emergency retouches and instant glamour.

    I like your blog - hope the lip advice is useful :-)

  2. i got a small mouth but thick lips. it frustrates me i wish i had a nice wide smile, but i had bracers very young and it stopped my mouth from developing properly. i wish my mum held off til i was a bit older :(

  3. Anna-belle, those tips are amazing! I have a thin-lipped pal I am going to kidnap and try thos on at once ;-)