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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ballet flats for WIDE feet

I have very wide feet (and I kind of have bunions, too, which doesn't help), so ballet flats are usually too narrow in the toe area for me. When I mentioned this to a friend, she pulled of her cute ballet flat to show me deep ugly red marks on her feet! Since then I've heard many complaints that ballet flats are only made for people who have the twiggy version of feet.
Of course I do love a good problem simply so I can solve it. I'm happy to announce this problem can be filed in the "solved" folder.

There is only one caveat: You have to only buy flats with cute goop on the toe like buckles, bows, or gigantic rhinestone jewels.
Note above my buckle-toe patent flats, far too narrow for my flippers.
I simply pull back the decorate buckle and snip a tiny cut that allows the flat to stretch outward. Make the cut about 1/8" to start, then adjust the length by fit (I cut about 1/4"). If you have to cut a long enough cut that you cut through the stitching, make sure it does not unravel by touching clear nail polish to the ends of the thread.
See? Now my shoe fits my big fat wide foot.


  1. so pretty! i have wide feet too (totally giant :)

  2. It kind of stinks (excuse the pun) to have wide feet when you love shoes...there are so many shoes I'd love to own but are just too narrow for me. On the bright side, it's probably saved me like $10,000!

  3. I don't think i would cut up my shoes, i would screw it up in some way. I usually get my wide shoes from, there shoes are made specifically for people with abnormal feet.

  4. Totally bought work shoes there before! But they came with this big label saying how they were approved for diabetic neuropathy and you could bill them to medicare as durable medical equipment...I felt like 98 years old.

  5. Grace, thanks for the helpful trick. You really do have to D.I.Y. when you have wide feet. These stores that promise to carry shoes for wide feet like the one mentioned in the above comment, they are B.S.!!! You should have seen the UGLY shoes they had in my size! These shoes are for the geriatric and are NOT a viable solution for people like us.

  6. This is an EXCELLENT idea!! I just bought 3 pairs of ballet flats that I adore, and even with some stretching, they do not fit. None of them have adornments, but that is easily fixed one I've done this to them!! Thanks!!