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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Growing out bangs?

I am! What a pain, too, they keep falling in my eyes while I'm SUPPOSED to be studying for the pharmacy boards (notice the sudden blog activity? Yeah, I really can't concentrate on studying).
My bangs are at the stage where they're about 2" short of reaching a ponytail - the worst length really, since they just flop around my ears in an annoying, messy way.

One solution I've come up with is the teeny cornrow. Only it's kind of a mix between a braid and a cornrow. I was inspired by the photo above - specifically, the braid on Ms. Bilson's right. Basically I start out with a simple braid, then add in short fly away hair sections (like you would on a cornrow) as I go. I tuck the end under a lock of hair and secure it with a small barrette (the kind hair dressers use).

Cute and can be a little dressy even! I'd show you my version but the hubby took the camera today, who knows what for.

Since we're talking bangs, any other cute styles for growing out bangs? Share, share!

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