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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Still training for a Power Mile

So this is super late because I have been SLAMMED at work this week! But training continues, despite the outrageous heat. We have had heat advisories almost every day last week and this week! 

Monday: I usually do easy solo miles on Monday, but David woke up sick, so I took the baby. That meant I couldn't do the prescribed strides or hill sprints (I supposed I could have picked the "accelerations" option, which would be doable with a stroller, but I didn't think of it). 6.1 miles.
Tuesday: Here's a workout I hadn't done in a while: Bridge repeats! We met at the Lakefront and did fast up - coast down in the broiling sun. Somehow I got this workout wrong and did 20 reps instead of 12-16. I swore it said 16-20. Nope. We had a new girl joining our group for the first time, I former collegiate runner and recent graduate, and she and I are similar pace, so I really enjoyed having company! And no, I didn't lead her astray: she stopped at twelve reps like a smart girl. 8.9 miles. 
Wednesday: Recovery stroller miles. 6.65 miles. 
Long run on the streetcar tracks
Thursday: Nine miles aerobic (7:17 pace) plus 6xstrides. This was one of the most intolerably humid days I have ever experienced. It was 98% humidity PLUS the air was thick with dust from a saharan dust cloud hanging over the city. When I finished this run I felt so trashed I couldn't even do all 8 strides. I was running out of time anyway! 9.45 miles
Friday: More mile pace repeats: eight strides, 6x1 minute at mile pace (2 minute rest), eight more strides, plus warm up and cool down. Paces were 5:18, :25, :05, :28, :07, :13. Take those with a grain of salt: different corners of the park have varying levels of Garmin accuracy, and when the repeats are that short, it makes a difference. I don't believe the 5:28 pace or the 5:05 pace are really correct! Taking a look at the last time we did this workout - June 5th - my average paces were faster, and I also reduced rest between. I took 3 minutes recovery last time and only two this time. I was glad to see myself improving after a worrisome slowdown trend. 7.6 miles. 
Saturday: Stroller recovery run. 6.2 miles.
Sunday: We agreed to knock off the fast finish this week for our group long run, as it was dangerously warm out. I have been doing 12 or 14 for my long runs, but the rest of the group was doing 15, so I joined them. Why not? David keeps the baby and I milk that free time! Since I run to and from the park, this gave me 16.25 miles. 

60.6 miles for the week and no longer slowing down!

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  1. We have had heat advisories here, too. It is probably nothing like what you are experiencing but it's been in the 90s with high humidity. It's so disgusting outside. I weeded my garden at 8am yesterday and came home dripping with sweat. We swam every morning over the long weekend as it was the only tolerable outdoor activity! Thank goodness we live close to lakes. Super impressed with your paces despite the awful heat and humidity!