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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Power mile training

Surprise! First week back to daycare and I far exceeded my own expectations, running my highest mileage since baby was born (and I'm sure for many months before that). I ran 64.6 miles this week!

Monday: Easy run plus strides. 7.7 miles.
Tuesday: A track classic: 12x400 at 2 mile pace with 400 jog. I went a little fast in order to group up with others, which was worth it to me, even if I was closer to mile pace than two mile pace. 1:22 (lol), 27, 24, 23, 23, 25, 23, 23, 23, 24, 25, 25, 23.
Wednesday: Recovery stroller miles. Here is where daycare is working in my favor: before, I had been running with the baby at about 7 am, trying the whole run to keep him awake. Then, I'd put him to bed when we got home around 8 am. He'd nap until about ten. The nanny would show up at 9:30 in case of an early wake up and to get situated, but that first nap was so important to allow David to start his workday. But now, with my commute starting at 8:25 (thank you, pandemic traffic!), his first nap is interrupted. So I allowed him to sleep in the stroller, which meant that I could run farther without battling an impending nap. Win-win: he got a catnap in before daycare, and I got a longer run! 7.25 miles. 
Thursday: Standard aerobic run on the levee, followed by strides. 9.5 miles.
Friday: It was a repeat: 16x30 seconds WAO with 1:30 rest. Strides to start, then 16 repeats: paces 4:46, 5:06, 4:57, 4:43, 5:23, 5:58, 5:08, 5:41, 5:10, 5:04, 5:36, 5:19, 5:05, 5:07, 5:13, 5:46. The slowest and fastest reps are probably inaccurate. I was slower than last time, but it was MUCH hotter this time. We had a really hot and humid week! 8.8 miles. 
Saturday: Stroller recovery run. 6.6 miles.
Sunday: It was a really hot morning, with the heat index at 100 by the start of the run, with a projected heat index of 117 later. And we beat that, hitting 120. It was definitely warm, but we didn't do any workout as part of the long run, making sure to take it easy and avoid heat exhaustion. I went out fast to talk to speedy Michelle - who actually ran in the Olympic trials marathon this February, and PR'd! - then settled down for the middle of the run, before slightly speeding up at the finish. Pace was 7:44 for 14.9 miles. 

64.6 miles for the week. I just hunted the info down and the last time I ran this much in a week was the middle of June 2019, where I ran 69 miles in a week (including 15 miles at 7:34). Wonder what I thought I was training for? I was 3 months pregnant...but then again, what am I training for now?!


  1. Nice work on hitting your highest mileage since 2019! Way to go! Glad you figured out a way to make a nap while running work!

  2. Your training is definitely "heating up" and I think the high mileage will help you in the mileage, strange as it sounds!