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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

City Park on a Monday

Somehow - somehow! - I have been given enough power to say, "Eh. Let's close," on the Monday after Christmas. So what did I do with my glorious day off?
Well, slept in, obviously. And then I was starving and could barely finish a measly four miles without passing out, so it wasn't a big running day. 
But after that, and a cursory house cleaning, we went to City Park. We hadn't been to the sculpture garden in years, and it's free, so why not? It was a warm and humid high '70s day with lovely clouds in the sky and I enjoyed the trip immensely. 

Back home, we took out the new game I bought for us for Christmas (my parents used to do family gifts, usually a game or a science project, and I tend to do the same). It's called The Hive, and it's a game of strategy supposedly similar to chess, in that pieces have different movement capabilities, and complexity of strategy is adaptable to many ages and skill levels. It was pretty good, but I think I'll enjoy it more when I have more practice: one game wasn't enough to do much more than learn the directions. 

That night, we went on a sushi date to Ninja, the same date we went on the night of our first kiss! Oh, so many years ago! The place has been redecorated and I miss the old look. Now it's rather dark and depressing - I doubt that's the look they were going for.

Finally, we wrapped up the eveing watching some episodes of the BBC's Sherlock Holmes, one of my all-time favorite shows.

Were you off the day after Christmas? How did you spend it?

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  1. yea for having monday off! We had that day off, too, which was so nice. And we get the coming Monday off, too. I love 3-day weekends! I'm envious of your warm/mild weather, although I am sure the humidity is not fun.

    We spent the night at Phil's mom's on Christmas night and hung out at her place until after lunch. I was ready to go home that morning as we'd been gone since Friday and after 3 nights away from our house, I was ready to get back home... We ran some errands on the way home and I spent the rest of the day doing meal prep for the week and made us some lentil enchiladas for dinner.