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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas cards: nod to China

This year's card mimics traditional Chinese paper-cutting. It's actually just acrylics on drawing paper, with a design incorporating the Chinese character for "joy".
Working by Christmas-tree light

Traditional Christmas motifs balance a Chinese dragon
Unfortunately, this year the actual cards didn't turn out as I'd imagined. The color is off, and the ink doesn't look crisp.

Still, at 50% off plus my discount, I only paid $25 for 60 cards, so it was a deal! I always take a picture of my art and use it to create a photo card at Walgreens. One good thing this year is that the back of the cards are now a blank, matte finish, making it easier to write your message: that's an improvement, since the backs used to be just like the backs of photo prints - kind of glossy with some text similar to a watermark on the back.

What's your Christmas card this year? 


  1. Tried to copy and paste an image, but it didn't work. We always do regular cards and put prints inside. This year most people are getting Easter Island and Puerto Varas. Love yours so much!

  2. Yours are always so unique! We just do a photo cardstock 5x7 with a regular pic on the front and a dorky selfie on the back to keep it real.