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Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Garmin (again): the 620

After much debate (and one returned 230), I settled on the Garmin 620 for my next GPS unit. The major deciding factor was data screens: I just don't want to have to reset the screens depending on if I'm racing, doing long runs, or using the unit for intervals. The 620 has plenty of screens and I quickly set it up the way I want it. My major configurations are:

  • one screen with time, distance, and average pace; 
  • one with average pace, lap pace, and instant pace; 
  • one with lap time, lap distance, and lap pace. 

I can also hit the clock button to see time, so I didn't have to put time of day on a data field.

As it turns out, the 620 is a great deal right now. You can get a refurbished one for $169, and a brand new one for $212. I went for brand new, because David insisted. He's not a fan of refurbished electronics, so I sighed deeply and forked over the extra cash (Grudgingly. That $169 was just such a good deal!).

Obviously, the upgrade from the 305 is a huge jump. There wasn't a steep learning curve, despite the differences, because the 620 I easy to use; I am, however, enjoying the much faster satellite-location time and the improved battery life (It says 16 hours, but I actually got in over 20 hours before it beeped low battery).

I don't need to review the 620, because it's an older unit and DC Rainmaker has in-depth reviews of all Garmin products should anyone need more information, but I did want to share that, despite all its bells and whistles, the 620 remains a simple, basic unit. I was worried that all the additional options I wasn't planning on using would make it clunky or complicated, but it doesn't.


  1. I am glad that David pushed you to get the new unit. I know refurbished products can work fine but given how much you use this watch and depend upon it, I think it's good to invest the money in a new one, especially since it wasn't TOO much more than the refurbished one!

  2. The 620 is definitely a huge upgrade from the 305 - I never thought my 205/305 felt large, but the 620 model is definitely much sleeker.

    Eric bought me the 620 for my birthday two years ago since my 305 was falling apart and the battery wouldn't last through a few hours of training. I wasn't sold on all the bells and whistles of the 620 over the 220 (VO2 max, bounce rate, etc), and at that time they were fairly few to the market so a bit more money. I returned it for the 220 and have been very pleased with it - to be honest I just use the most basic functions, but I do love being able to scroll through different screens and maybe one day I'll be back enough to use the workout functions.

  3. You more than deserve to splurge on a good running watch!

  4. The 4 running things I truly believe in spending money on for good quality: shoes, watches, bras, races! Glad you found a good one.