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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekend: long run, lunches, and quality control

This weekend I: 
1. Went for a ten mile run, then drank an entire liter of club soda after. The humidity is a terrible enemy right now. I did some miles on the street car line, some in some cute neighborhoods, and some in the park. I did a little bit of a messy progression run: I started in the 7:50s and ended with a 7:13 for a 7:34 average pace, but not every mile was faster than the last. I suck at progression runs.
2. Cooked lunches for the week. Black bean and veggie stuffed sweet potatoes , all my daily salads, granola bars for snacks. 

Wrapped granola bars.

3. Got my money back on these sandals. I like them (I mean, they're hardly ground-breaking fashion, but I have wide feet and they're comfortable), but the dye rubs off terribly. The seller was kind enough to reimburse me when I showed a picture of the damage. 
4. Did not get my money back on this cute dress, which revealed this hilarious repair job when I turned it inside out to wash it. I can't believe it came from the factory this way!
But I like the dress, and it was clearance and was the last one in my size, so I just sewed it up (better) and carried on. This is the dress on. It was $8 :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Progression runs are so tough, especially if you vary too much from mile to mile. But that looks like a really good pace Grace. No thoughts on the dress, but if you are going to post action photos of cooking, could the next one be of you flipping a pancake or something? No offense, but you're kind of just standing there in this one.

    1. I'm actually moving a hot cast iron pan with my BARE HANDS, so in reality? It's impressive.

  2. Hot!! We topped out at 104 on Sunday. I ran a low key 5k on Saturday The starting temp was 81 degrees. I really felt the heat during the last mile. Cute dress.

  3. I have nailed a scheduled progression run about 5 times in about a decade of running. So tough!
    I vote recipe sharing on the sweet potatoes -- and details, do they reheat well for lunches? I would love to make more of my lunches, I currently do frozen meals every day in the office (usually Amy's brand, so I feel like they're not full of crap, but I'd love to do my own).

  4. I can't imagine your humidity down there--ours is bad enough! Cute dress and good for you for fixing it yourself. Don't kill me, but I love progression runs!

  5. Progression runs seem easy in theory. So much harder in reality. I always end up going too fast too soon because I worry that I'm not faster than my last interval and then there's nowhere to go pace-wise.