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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I feel a little better.

Here I am looking bright red and miserable at the end of the Bridge race.

The CCC gives you one free picture from the race! And the opportunity to purchase more. Of course, they always pick the worst one as the free one, but hey, it's free.

Oh, and I feel slightly better about my race...I thought I ran the worst tangents in the world (ended up with 4.18 on my Garmin, and no way did it have satellite trouble on that wide open bridge) and I did, indeed, have to dodge and weave some at the beginning of the bridge. But not THAT much! Well, other runners have confirmed that some of the first finishers were misdirected to the far side of the neutral ground once you got off the bridge. We should have been on the inside lane. It doesn't make that much of a difference, but the two very wide corners probably add up. Or so I'm telling myself. All I know is, for a girl who might show under 26.4 for a marathon, running almost two tenths of a mile off on a 4 mile course doesn't make sense!


  1. Lots of blogs from other cities mention free race picture(s) but that has yet to really catch on in Dallas, which kind of sucks. I think I've done exactly one race with free pictures.

  2. That's not a bad pic, your form looks good like you know what you're doing! Free pics are great!

  3. You have great form in that pic and that's saying something when you're working hard. And the reason you mentioned is one of many that I prefer not to race with GPS watches!

    1. I know, right? What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve o'er!

  4. If that's your worst race photo your best must look like a model running. It's not even vaguely near my most hideous race photos.