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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Detox Dash

I found out about the Detox Dash at the Varsity Sports booth at the Greek Fest 5k. They gave away tank tops with flyers about this event the next morning: a detox dash for those who had a little too much wine and ouzo the night before!

It was held at Wood, a pizza place right off Lee's Circle, so it was a straight shot down St. Charles Ave for me. I decided to run it, and get David to join us for the group run and drive me home (still being so responsible! Limiting my miles post-race!).
I ran on the soft streetcar tracks to save my legs, and man, was it a lovely run. The sun was out, the temperatures and humidity were actually kind of under control, and the streetcars clanged their bells at me when I waved. It was a morning to love New Orleans! I reached Wood at about 7:50 after my 4.5ish mile run there, with enough time to check out the Asics table. They sponsored the run, and in addition to providing free tech T's (nice, since the Greek Fest 5k the night before gives out socks, and I'm running low on shirts that don't smell like death), they offered shoes to try for the run.

We had a large group - maybe 40 people - and set out on a 3-mile route up on the Mississippi and through the French Quarter. It was good to catch up with the Varsity people since I haven't seen a lot of them lately thanks to, you know, crutches and stuff. I returned back to the pizza place with about 8 miles - and starving. Nothing like pizza at 8:30 am!
The patio at Wood, full of sweaty runners. We all smel
Except wine. Wine at 8:30 is even better. A to Z winery was there offering tastings of three of their wines: a chardonnay I didn't try, a passable rose (super acidic in the mouth, but with a really nice fruity aftertaste), and a truly awful pinot noir. Like, spit-it-out awful. Or maybe I just shouldn't have wine for breakfast. The pizza, by contrast, was delicious: I tried a wild mushroom with fried egg, and a spicy tomato and pepperoni. And some other slice I forgot. It was all good, although we had a long wait for it - not to knock free food, but they should have had it out by 8:30 when the runners started coming in, and it was easily 9:15 before the put out the first pizzas.
Group pic
Either way, it was a really fun run, and totally unique - who has pizza in the morning after a run?! Loved the idea, and loved the free shirt perk. It's hot here: a white tech T is never something I turn down.


  1. I love this idea, too! I need to get one like that going up here!

  2. Is that Louisiana wine? I've tried Texas wines twice and they've been god-awful both times. We are most decidedly not in the wine country regions of this land...

    1. Oregon. Still awful. I have had Louisiana wine and it is indeed terrible, and I am by no means a connoisseur.

  3. Pizza in the a.m. = great day! I'll have to try pizza w/egg. Sounds good. Glad you're not being an idiot with the miles too soon. Keep it up. Slowly getting it back.

  4. What a great idea. And so worth doing if they're giving out running shirts.