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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day one post-op: Our Christmas tradition!

When I scheduled surgery for the 18th, it was partly because I was already off on the 19th: a day I took off for our Christmas tradition at Commander's Palace: An incredible lunch and some day-drinking with their 25-cent lunch martinis.
Far be it from me to skip our tradition because of a measly surgery!
I managed to find a pair of pants that fit over my swollen leg, and added a silk blouse, pearls, burgundy heels, and a cardigan (I got this leather trimmed sweater off Ebay and I love it).

We sat downstairs at Commander's Palace listening to the carolers, enjoying the holiday bustle, and having delicious food! For not the first time, I chose one of the "Fit NOLA" pre fixe menus. Now, far be it from me to order "healthy" when at a splurge place like Commanders - but these menus always sound delicious, and I wasn't disappointed: my entree was easily the best thing I've ever eaten at Commander's. I started with a roasted tomato soup that you just have to taste to believe: it had this incredible smoky, robust flavor. Even David was wiping my bowl out with french bread, and he dislikes tomatoes!
25-cent martinis and crutches - what could possibly go wrong?
Then my entree - a pickled lobster and avocado salad. It was heavenly - huge claws of lobster meat, diced mango, finely cut and fried plantains, generous avocado. I grudgingly shared a bite with David and I think he almost swooned (he had the sausage-stuffed quail, which I've had in the past - also delicious).
For dessert, I had a cranberry-cointreau sorbet in a spun sugar bowl; David had Commander's' famous bread pudding souffle. I couldn't finish- it was sweet, and I was also tucking away my 25-cent martinis (I had one regular and one Commander's, a bright blue drink that will knock you out).

I was glad we'd found parking close by: it has started to drizzle, and by the time we got home, there was a steady, cold rain, perfect for snuggling by the fire. Haha.

Another year, another successful Christmas tradition, surgery or no!


  1. Only you, (well, my wife would do it too) would give us a fashion update, followed by a social event description ... with an open wound on your body!!! The picture of David by the fire is pretty funny. Glad your surgery went well, and now time to heal ... which means rest ... which we all know is near impossible for you. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  2. Can't let the little thing of surgery stop a good tradition. The menu sounded amazing!

  3. Your posts always make me smile! Love the fashion tidbits and the meal description. Commanders sounds amazing. I think if I had a tradition going like that I would be sure to keep it going as well! I hope you heal quickly and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Seriously, every time you are on crutches, it RAINS! You are an old pro at those things now. So glad you felt well enough to enjoy your lunch with your hubby. I like that tradition- very fun. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and speedy recovery!

  5. I've been keeping up with you too, although admittedly sometimes too lazy to comment (usually at work which blocks commenting, so partial excuse!). Hope the healing process goes smoothly again this time. When I got injured again I came back to read your symptoms and all b/c I was starting to wonder if I was going to have the same trouble. Merry Christmas to you and David! Enjoy that Netflix (?) fire! haha.

  6. Thanks for sharing you meal and martinis with us. Pickled lobster sounds delicious.

  7. Just had labral repair surgery friday April 8th and my leg is so tired and sore and cold. I've probably been doing too much scooting around the house in a walker, but I CANNOT believe you are wearing heels in this picture! Reading the blog posts I have hope I haven't un-done my surgery.

    1. Eh, it was my second go-'round :) You didn't un-do your surgery. You're fine. It's just a long and arduous healing process. But a little over a year after this picture was taken I ran a marathon again! So cheer up! It gets better. Hips heal with time, and as my doctor told me, you'll have good days and bad days. Good luck and get well soon!