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Friday, November 7, 2014

One more try

I signed up for another 5k - tomorrow! I know I'm slow, and still hurting sometimes, and still recovering, and - heck - still walking. But I wanted to give the 5k another try. Last race I was so unused to racing that I was basically a hot mess. I want another come-back 5k to kind of get me more into the racing mood.
Because honestly, even though I said I would be happy to have surgery and just be able to run - forget racing, really! - I like running races. I don't have to place. I don't even have to do well. I just like the atmosphere and I like to be pushed a little.

My hip has been feeling pretty good lately, and I will be running the Crescent City Fall Classic Saturday morning. This race is a qualifier for the Crescent City Classic 10k - it's the only 5k that you can use to get a seeded time for the CCC. Otherwise, you have to present a 10k time.
The chance of my time being good enough for decent seeding is exceedingly slim, but in case I run the CCC, I'll need some kind of qualifying time or I'll be stuck behind several thousand drunk New Orleanians, most of whom manage to have either a stroller, a rolling cooler, or a tutu.
Contrary to last race, I DO have a time goal for this race! It's 21 minutes. I'd like to get back there. Can I do it? Eh, probably not. Anything under 7 is like torturous at this point. Really hard, really taxing, really anaerobic. But I'm giving it a shot anyway. We shall see!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I just did a 3k race at the beach today (1st race since I've been injured) and I had to keep telling myself I'll only get faster and fitter!

  2. Good LUCK! Has the weather cooled any down there?

  3. Sounds like a good goal to me. I hope your hip feels great and you have a strong 5k. Good luck!!

  4. Good luck with the race. I hope your hip cooperates and you have a great race.