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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Double surprise

This weekend we had two surprise parties to attend (and I didn't give either one of them away, in case you're wondering).
The second party was fancier - it was at the World War II museum, live band, seated dinner, open bar. AND it was very important to me for snooping and gossiping purposes: my sister in law works at the WWII museum, and I'm pretty sure her coworker has crossed into dating territory from just friends, and I got to meet him. After an hour of observing them together, I'm pretty confident they're dating, but she hasn't admitted it to herself yet. Young love is so cute!

But anyway. The first party was amazing because we ended up being the ones surprised! We were going to a party for David's childhood friend, hosted by his girlfriend. We got there early, the birthday boy was duly surprised, etc. etc. Then one of his friends stood up and announced he had a birthday gift that we all had to see. So we all stood around, watching him opening this gift.
It was a big tote bag.
There was a ribbon in it, and as he pulled the ribbon out, he read a poem attached to a gift tied to the ribbon:
"This gift will support you (pulls out new bike seat), light up your life (pulls out pen light), make your life a bed of roses (pulls out a small bouquet) and sweet as honey (bottle of honey bourbon) -" etc. Finally he got to the bottom of the bag and pulled out...
An engagement ring! And proposed to his girlfriend!!!

It turns out he had had an entire proposal planned for that day, but started to suspect a surprise party. So he canceled all his other plans (which were elaborate, including a horse-drawn carriage and musician serenade!) and crafted this gift entirely himself and brought it to the party. He pulled one of his friends aside and told him, "Force me to open this gift in front of everyone. I'm going to argue and stuff, but you be firm. And then just play along". And he pulled it off! We were all surprised at his surprise party!

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  1. Awww…that's an awesome way to go about an engagement! Sounds like a fun weekend--I'm glad you're out and about enjoying life!