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Sunday, July 6, 2014

What are you wearing this weekend? Happy 4th of July!

Because July 4th was a Friday, but family celebrations were Saturday, I got to wear two patriotic outfits!
For the holiday, I dressed the theme up a little:
Red and white tailored shorts and navy T-shirt

But for Saturday picnics, I wore a more casual shorts and T... with my scarf that looks like I got tangled up in bandstand bunting.
Ridiculously obnoxious flag scarf

Too much flag in this picture. 
What red, white, and blue did you wear for the fourth?
PS - ok, so I took the brace off for the pictures. So sue me. I put it on right after, I promise.


  1. I actually did wear red, white and blue on the weekend. That's our race singlet colour for this year.

  2. I squeezed into a non-maternity maxi navy & white striped dress, LOL. It was actually pretty cute, even though I doubt the dress will ever return to its normal size. :) You look adorable. I LOVE the scarf!