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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Influencing weather

I have a very spooky talent. Whenever I'm injured, I'm somehow able to make the weather gorgeous, so I can not enjoy it running. As usual, I'm not running, and the weather has been unseasonably cool and beautiful.

Rains have lowered the temperatures, and also caused the overnight growth of this huge weed in my backyard:

While I was back there, I watered my herbs, which are also flourishing in the more moderate weather. My mint even came back from a totally dead and empty pot. You cannot kill mint - proven fact. It's very scraggly, but I had actually cleaned that pot out for replanting when I noticed some tiny shoots, so I just let it grow in.

My sage, unfortunately, was eaten up by caterpillars.

My visit to the PT yesterday went well, although as I expected, he didn't have a whole lot of information for me. I did notice that I felt better with more stretching, so we're adding some stretches - but not a lot, since I still have range of motion restrictions in place. He was very happy with my walking, which is completely normal, and he testing my strength again and both sides are strong, and - more importantly - equally so.

Two more pretty nice things happened yesterday. One, I went to a boring all-day meeting at the district office, where I found out that my little pharmacy was the most profitable department in the district last month. Yeah, me and my two technicians, raking in the dough, not creating any drama, just quietly working! I have to toot my own horn - we're a huge asset. We don't require much, if any, local or corporate support. My pharmacy basically functions as an independent. So who wouldn't want a quiet, unobtrusive, drama-free money-maker?
Two, one of our neighbors was at Bible study last night (he's actually friends of the hosts, but we recognized him from the house around the corner! NOLA is so small). I hadn't seen him in a while, and he asked about my brace. As it so happens, his sister had the same surgery from Dr. Kelly in Boston ten years ago. She tore her labrum in a car accident, and no one could give her a diagnosis or pain relief until she saw a specialist. He had a lot of good information for me - how she hurt for about 6 months post-op, then rapidly improved; how she needed PT for about a year; also how wonderful she felt after recovery! It's nice to have that resource and I like hearing the success stories of others.

Oh, and one last thing - I was cleared to get on the exercise bike for short periods of time at low resistance (1 or 2 - just to prevent bouncing, which can yank on the joint)! So I'm off to go stare at the wall and pedal in place. Woot!


  1. Pedaling and staring at the wall is a big step! Woo hoo!

  2. Note to Grace ... SHORT periods of time on LOW resistance. NOT at high speed or for any length of time. We all know how you do.