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Friday, January 24, 2014

I've joined the entire rest of the world

My bosses must be clueless, because they love me.

When will they realize that I'm just a dedicated free-loader? But anyway. They really do love me. They bought me an iphone 5s. Wasn't that sweet?
It is ten thousand times better than my piece of crap Samsung Android.

So - iphone users out there - what are the indispensable iphone apps?


  1. That's exactly how my wife describes her Samsung. My iPhone is okay ... but I don't think it's gonna change your life. Time travel would though.

  2. Haha... nice! I just upgraded from a Samsung Charge (2.5 years old) to an iphone 5s and love it. So fast, much less of a battery hog and easy to use. I'm not a huge app person, but of course I love instagram, facebook twitter, but a new app I've been using a bit is the Nike Training Club one, which I've heard good things from other people on. You can select short (15-30+ min fitness routines) to follow that give you a variety of moves to do and tell you when to move to the next one. It's nice for at home cardio/strength workouts. I also use radiolab as I love their stories.

  3. I've had an iPhone for almost 2 years daughter keeps asking, "When the hell are you going to get some apps for that thing?" Um, apps?

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  5. Wow, that is awesome that they bought you a 5s! I upgraded to one in November and love mine. My favorite ap is a sleep ap. It gently wakes me within 5 minutes of the time I want to get up with music that gets gradually louder. I set another alarm as a back up but rarely need it. And it tracks my sleep based on how much I moved at night. I have heard it's not as accurate for people who don't sleep alone, though...