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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cocktails with celery bitters

This week I used two of our Christmas gifts - the glasses David bought me and the bitters I bought him - for a few cocktails to drink while watching Top Gear.
My shoes are drying out by the heater after my rainy run!

Celery gin cocktail:
3 ounces gin
2 ounces Dolin Blanc vermouth
1 ounce June Ugni Blanc liquor
5 dashes celery bitters
Adorable antique juice glasses - they're only 4" tall

Divide into two cocktail glasses; add an ice cube to each (that's only because I felt like the drink was a little strong, and I like to let my ice melt into it a little).
Delicious. Not too sweet, not too celery.
I copied this recipe from a similar one here.


  1. Sounds good. I'll try it. Feel free to put away the Christmas decorations any day now.

  2. Look, Martha Stewart, they came down Jan 6th (Epiphany) as in all good Catholic households.

  3. Wow--those are some real, grown-up cocktails! I stop at wine--never been able to handle liquor!

  4. I am a huge cocktail nerd so I am totally trying this.

  5. I can't get into savory cocktails - but this looks pretty mild! Very cute glasses.

  6. Oh wow, you had me at Cocktails. I'm always wanting to try something new. These are on my list to try, thanks!

  7. I'm intrigued. I actually don't really like celery, but it's more of a stringiness issue than a taste issue. Do celery bitters really taste like CELERY??