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Monday, June 3, 2013

My racing calendar

I can't believe I am finally, finally, FINALLY healthy enough to be planning my racing calendar!!!

I decided to go ahead and jump right in with a 4-mile race next weekend.

It's the Crescent Connection Bridge Run, a race notorious for being cancelled for hurricanes. That's because it used to be held in late August, about the time that storms like Katrina like to roll in. Now that it has been moved to June, we decided to race it this year and enjoy one of the few races in this area with any sort of elevation change. It also boasts beautiful sunsets and an unmatched view of New Orleans.
Next up? Not sure. The summers here make racing difficult, but I want to get in some shorter distances. It's no secret that my 5ks suck, and training for a few will help me get my speed back without killing myself with too many miles.
There are also some wonderful free 2-mile races that the New Orleans Track Club hosts, and I hope to do a couple of those over the summer months.
Something I'm contemplating but find rather scary are the "All-comers track meets" also hosted by NOTC. I love that they are open track competitions, but I am definitely intimidated. I've never raced on a track before, and I'm pretty sure that all the fast people will be there.

While I was injured I got suckered into registering for the Jazz half marathon in October. It's a race I love, and I missed it last year for our Paris trip. Other fall races I plan to do include the Turkey day 5-miler, site of my infamous 6+ month injury last year, and the Middendorf Manchac 10 mile race.

Winter: I still have a deferred entry to the Louisiana Marathon, so if all goes well and I stay healthy, I'll be racing that one again! Exciting!

Question for you - have you ever raced on the track? Was it as scary as it seems? Should I do it?


  1. A track race would totally intimidate me! But it's always fun to get out of your comfort zone. Glad you are healthy enough to start planning and racing!

  2. Free races?! What an awesome opportunity. This blogger has some good recaps of track races, if you're interested :

  3. yahhhh welcome back!

  4. It always cracks me up when you consider yourself not one of the "fast people". Please. We did some track racing last summer in my speed training sessions - it was a little intimidating because everyone was bunched up close together, but it was pretty cool. You'll enjoy it.

  5. Yay races!!!!! So glad you are feeling good. Excited to see what comes for you now. (And yes, you are definitely a fast person!!!)

  6. My goal this year was to race on the track (for the first time in years!!) a bunch, but I sort of got sidetracked with the whole marathon training thing. Really want to do it again, though!

  7. I say you go for it, who knows what will happen but I bet that no matter what it will be a fun and challenging day that you won't regret!

    So happy to see you logging miles and planning races. :)

  8. Yay for having a race calendar! I have never done a track race; it seems intimidating to me too! Good luck and I hope you are able to race the Louisiana Marathon this year!

  9. how'd you get the deferred entry in Louisiana btw???